London The Ultimate Survivor

London The Ultimate Survivor

Few cities of​ the​ world can truly stir the​ emotions - romantic dreams, adventurous spirit, waves of​ excitement, even twinges of​ envy. Over time, they have become the​ inspiration for​ novels and​ films, the​ obsessions of​ ravenous warmongers, and​ the​ marketing tools of​ TV producers who flash their images across our screens to​ make us gush, “Oh, this must be an​ important, credible international news program that covers the​ big stories as​ they happen” and​ “Smashing! This travel show really has been to​ the​ cool places, let’s see where they venture tonight”. However, you can only really say you’ve made it​ as​ a​ truly great city when they write a​ nursery rhyme about one of​ your bridges, even when it’s falling down.
London is​ the​ ultimate survivor.

It has endured and​ overcome conquests, wars, fires, plagues, terrorism, youth movements, repeated sporting defeats clutched from the​ hand of​ victory, even Chris De Burgh singing Lady in​ Red at​ the​ top of​ the​ charts for​ three weeks. Through it​ all, Londoners have stood proud and​ defiant as​ they adapt and​ continue to​ build their fair city.

One of​ the​ most popular tourist destinations in​ the​ world, this enormous city offers the​ traveler a​ blend of​ old and​ new worlds like nowhere else. On one hand London is​ innovative, energetic, dynamic, and​ outrageous; on the​ other, historic, conservative and​ frustratingly established. a​ bangers and​ mash of​ the​ anticipated and​ unexpected, but rarely the​ disappointing - and​ those who live here wouldn’t have it​ any other way.

Most people know a​ little about London even before they have been formally introduced. it​ may be the​ familiar symbols of​ Royals, bowler hats, well mannered cricketing gents, well heeled ladies, majestic castles, the​ flowing Thames, tennis at​ Wimbledon, afternoon tea and​ scones, monopoly board landmarks, West End theatre and​ East End humour that spring to​ mind.
It could be the​ cobble-stoned streets of​ Dickens, passionate football fans, fish n chips drowning in​ vinegar, the​ labyrinth of​ the​ Underground, or​ the​ cultural phenomena and​ festivals celebrating music over decades starting in​ the​ swinging 60’s, through punk of​ the​ 70’s, new romantic hairdo’s of​ the​ 80’s, and​ pop, indie rock, dance and​ hip hop of​ the​ 90’s and​ beyond.

More than this, the​ city is​ renowned for​ it’s wealth of​ history and​ culture. as​ home to​ Britain’s national art collections, striking architecture, over 200 museums, the​ worlds premier theatre productions, 5 major orchestras, 2 major opera companies; there is​ something for​ visitors of​ all historic and​ artistic persuasions.

Anyone familiar with television shows and​ films set in​ the​ city might be forgiven for​ thinking we spend all our time in​ our local pub telling jokes and​ hard luck stories, or​ doing deals on goods that conveniently fell off the​ back of​ a​ truck. in​ fact, there are more parks and​ green space in​ London than in​ any city of​ its size in​ the​ world, where we wander, picnic, and​ play, away from the​ bustle of​ big city living – before the​ pub opens anyway.

The city is​ a​ shop-a-holics nirvana – just ask any female armed with a​ credit card and​ the​ lamest of​ excuses for​ a​ spending spree. From major department stores to​ designer boutiques and​ street markets, if​ you can’t find it​ in​ London, it​ probably doesn’t exist. and​ once you’ve lugged all that booty back to​ your hotel, there are hundreds of​ restaurants, pubs, cinemas, nightclubs, live music and​ comedy venues to​ keep you entertained well into the​ early hours.
London has also embraced multiculturalism like very few places in​ the​ world. it​ has become a​ cultural melting pot with over 10 million people from all over the​ world now calling it​ home. the​ integration of​ western cultures with people from Africa, West Indies, and​ all over Asia has transformed the​ city into one of​ the​ most diverse destinations for​ first time travelers, and​ the​ hundreds of​ thousands who return year after year.

”Just stop right there, old chap” I hear you say. “This is​ all rather charming, stirring and​ patriotic, but you’ve failed to​ even mention how damn expensive the​ place is!” Actually, we were just getting to​ that part.
It’s true. London is​ one of​ the​ most expensive cities in​ the​ world, painfully so for​ some. in​ fact, it’s rumored that instead of​ using whips and​ chains, London dominatrix now just stand about looking very stern while converting international clients travel expenses from the​ merciless English Pound into their submissive local currency with a​ leather-bound calculator. Ouch!

London is​ great fun so if​ you are visiting or​ planning to​ visit you will have a​ wonderful time.

London The Ultimate Survivor

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