London Builders Kitchen Installation Part Two

London Builders Kitchen Installation Part Two

Flooring the kitchen floor with natural cork is​ getting more and more popular. Cork floors are produced with cork veneer or​ fine wood veneer. They are rather expensive, but at​ the same time efficient: cork floors are not slippery, have bactericidal properties, don't need special treatment. Such floors are much warmer, than usual parquet. Besides, they are easy to​ cleanup.

For a​ kitchen walls decoration, ceramic tile is​ usually used. as​ a​ finishing, different paint types are used to​ match other details of​ your interior perfectly.

Pay your attention to​ other coatings - wood fiber, plastic panels (which are not afraid of​ water and are easy to​ mount), as​ well as​ mosaic and relief stucco (natural stone is​ added to​ it​ for creating a​ unique surface finish). But wall covering with MDF has several advantages if​ compared to​ other coating variants. it​ does not need a​ preliminary preparation of​ the walls (leveling, cleaning of​ the old coverage, and other operations). The process of​ panel mounting is​ similar to​ gypsum plasterboard mounting. it​ seems to​ be very easy - firring, cutting and the wall is​ plane. Nevertheless, one has to​ rub the seams and then make finishing (with a​ paint or​ wallpaper). MDF panel is​ a​ finishing surface itself. Every producer offers lots of​ models of​ different colors and with different patterns, joined into subject collections.

As a​ bedding for finishing, gypsum-plasterboard false ceiling is​ usually mounted. it​ covers wiring, contains lamps and ventilation. Such ceiling provides almost perfectly plane surface without any seams. Besides, using plasterboards, it​ is​ possible to​ create multilevel or​ bent surface.

Aluminium-panel hanging ceilings look good. Their distinctive features are: lightness (about 3 kg/m2), long operating life, humidity-resistance, ecological purity, easy mounting (the ceiling is​ mounted to​ a​ special bearing frame). Bars can be of​ three types: open, closed, and with inserts. Closed bars are mounted butt-to-butt, going behind one another, similar to​ wooden batten. Between open bars there is​ a​ small gap left. it​ is​ almost unnoticeable. Such models are usually used in​ the halls, where ceiling height is​ more than 5 m. There are also bars with inserts. Such models look like open bars, but the distance between them is​ covered by the narrow aluminium strips. The ceiling is​ plane, without cavities or​ hollows. it​ is​ easy to​ clean. Such ceiling is​ perfect for a​ kitchen.

For ceiling coating one can use medium-density fiberboard (MDF) panels, as​ well as​ polyvinylchloride (PVC) panels of​ calm light colors, imitating wood or​ marble. There also exist panels with stripes, laminated foil of​ different colors (silver, golden, bright-rosy etc.) Panels have a​ long life, are ecological and easy to​ cleanup. Spot lights buried in​ the ceiling surface match ceiling panels perfectly.

Ultrastrong vinyl suspended ceilings have all the advantages of​ false ceilings. They are mounted quickly, look spectacular, and the basic ceiling does not need any processing. Besides, there is​ a​ wide range of​ textures and colors of​ the suspended ceilings. They do not fade in​ the sun, do not crack, are fireproof, do not form condensate, and do not absorb the smell. it​ is​ comfortable to​ use them, if​ you need to​ hide wiring, ventilation pipes, and faults of​ a​ main ceiling.
Drawbacks are: ceiling height reducing for 8-10sm, impossibility to​ change the lights location, because holes for the lamps are made during the process of​ mounting according to​ your scheme. This ceiling, if​ damaged, is​ impossible to​ repair.

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