London Builders Interior Psychology. Part Three.

London Builders Interior Psychology. Part Three.

Sanguines and cholerics are people who cannot imagine themselves out of​ active, feverish life, without constant being in​ the in​ the thick of​ things. a​ choleric person is​ more sensitive than a​ sanguine one. His activity and dynamism often turn into impulsiveness which causes difficulties in​ systematic, goal-oriented activity. Sanguines and cholerics cannot be retrogrades and conservatives, that is​ why the interior design for them welcomes most bold stylistic solutions - from urbanism and hi-tech to​ avant-garde eclecticism. Harmonizing type of​ interior for a​ sanguine person assumes maximum flexible planning and vast open space. The optimal variant in​ decoration colour palette are warm and light colours, for example, soft shades of​ orange and yellow. as​ a​ rule, sanguines and cholerics prefer compact modular furniture of​ strict but at​ the same time elegant design. Stimulating interior can shift rather steady sanguine temperament either to​ the choleric type or​ vice versa to​ the more quiet and slow-moving phlegmatic one. in​ the former case the main emphasis in​ the colour palette of​ room decoration is​ on the play of​ contrasts, for example, terracotta colour which is​ harmonizing for a​ sanguine person matches with saturated red or​ black.

Surrounding objects and furniture made of​ glass and nickel-clad steel will increase the effect. The latter case assumes shifting the main colour palette to​ the cold part of​ the spectrum and shifting the whole premises stylistics to​ the ever-young classics. And for a​ choleric the harmonizing interior in​ its pure form designed to​ support his bursting temperament will hardly be justified. Stimulating interior with its main task of​ balancing the too much excitable choleric's psyche, is​ formed according to​ the same principles that the softening interior for a​ sanguine person, with the only difference that the colour influence here is​ more expressive.

Phlegmatics and melancholics are completely opposite to​ sanguines and cholerics. Their life credo is​ calm, stability, ptotectability against the outer world and total lack of​ radical changes. By its nature a​ phlegmatic is​ a​ desperate conservative who has a​ soft spot for generally recognized standards while a​ melancholic is​ focused on his inner world or​ psychologically speaking he is​ a​ complete introvert. if​ to​ allow representatives of​ each psychological type to​ arrange their houses in​ the way they like, the phlegmatic's house will look like an​ antique shop, the melancholic's house will resemble an​ artist's studio. Taking this into consideration, one can determine the basic trends of​ developing harmonizing and stimulating interior for them. The colour palette is​ characterized by prevalence of​ dimmed pale and dark shades, and the melancholic's interior will suit decoration with original texture or​ ornament. One can reach a​ stimulating effect by dissolving the main palette with warmer and more alive colours as​ well as​ by introducing into the room a​ little eclecticism.

And finally when arranging a​ psychologically oriented interior for a​ person of​ a​ mixed type of​ temperament, one should define from the very beginning which features of​ a​ man's emotional sphere need activating and which of​ them need reducing. Very often to​ do this there is​ no need to​ start large-scale flat replanning. Sometimes it​ is​ enough to​ select a​ stimulating area in​ any part of​ the premises, for example, in​ the working place. a​ harmonizing corner should be placed for rest and recreation - in​ the bedroom or​ the living room.

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