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Logos4polos - Clothing Embroidery and T shirts printing Online
Logos4polos are a​ UK based clothing company, providing clothing embroidery, logo embroidery, polo shirt embroidery and t shirt embroidery services .​
What is​ embroidery? Do I​ really have to​ have my company logo embroidered onto my polo shirts and t shirts? Isn’t word of​ mouth good enough anymore, every time someone turns up at​ my place of​ work they are wearing polo shirts or​ t shirts with embroidery logos and their company name on it .​
That’s it, I’m off to​ investigate the world of​ the embroider and screen printing worker.
Based in​ Southall there is​ a​ company called Logos 4 Polos who claim to​ be specialist in​ the world of​ corporate branding .​
They own their own embroidery machines and automated screen printing machines .​
I​ must admit that at​ first I​ was very suspicious with their claim that they could reproduce any logo with embroidery .​
My thoughts have always been based on the fact that a​ logo with finer detail had to​ go with screen printing to​ get the best results .​
But to​ my surprise I​ have been shown there is​ a​ better way .​
Embroidery machines only produce what the digitiser, (this is​ the person who redraws your logo in​ stitch form for the embroidery machine to​ read) gives them and that’s the key .​
At Logos 4 Polos there is​ a​ team of​ professional and creative designers who can produce such great results.
Your typical embroidery design is​ a​ left breast logo, followed by a​ larger print on the back of​ a​ chosen polo shirt or​ t shirt .​
Other very popular items include baseball caps, fleece jackets, laptop bags and corporate shirts .​
All look great if​ the time is​ taken when reproducing your logos for embroidery or​ screen printing .​
Logos 4 Polos have taken the word customized and made it​ their own .​
Specialists in​ customized corporate clothing customized embroidery and customized screen printing .​
Basic rules for corporate branding/embroidery and printing.
1. Chose a​ company with its own embroidery/printing facility, why go to​ a​ middle man – www.logos4polos.com has its own embroidery and screen printing machines.
2. Keep your logo simple – for embroidery purposes the number of​ colours is​ not an​ issue as​ you can have up to​ 8 if​ you chose embroidery .​
Whereas with screen printing you have to​ be careful as​ the set –up costs are per colour.
3. Small or​ big designs? Big embroidery designs on the back of​ polo shirts, jackets and fleece’s are visually very powerful but can be expensive, check with www.logos4polos.com for very competitive rates .​
Smaller logos such as​ left breast or​ on the arms of​ polo shirts are very good ways of​ advertising your company .​
For bigger designs with fewer colours screen printing may be a​ better option especially on t shirts.
4. Corporate Clothing – Be wise in​ your selection of​ clothing, ask yourself the questions – would I​ wear this, are polo shirts the best option, t shirts are cheaper but do they portray the image my company wants to​ portray.
5. Cost – the big issue – Some company’s put corporate clothing way down the list of​ items to​ spend their money on .​
a​ polo shirt with an​ embroidery logo on not only gives your potential customer a​ visual image of​ who you are it​ also lets your employees know you expect them to​ be professional .​
Image is​ everything and www.logos4polos.com can help you look good.
6. Get ahead of​ the competition – most people always look to​ the head so put a​ baseball cap with you customized embroidery logo on it.

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