Logo Facts

Logo Facts

Logo Facts
What makes one logo better than another?
A good logo works in​ the simplest form .​
It is​ a​ memorable representation of​ your brand and inspires confidence in​ your customers .​
It should be fresh and original -- without visual cliches or​ amateur effects .​
a​ logo is​ well-designed when it​ looks as​ good on a​ business card as​ it​ does on a​ web page or​ a​ billboard .​
To be functional, a​ good logo must reduce well to​ simple black & white or​ grayscale for use on faxes or​ in​ newspaper ads .​
The best logos are elegantly simple.
Why do you need a​ logo?
In a​ way, a​ logo is​ a​ visual shortcut to​ who you are .​
Your logo will establish your corporate identity and credibility .​
It builds loyalty among your clients and employees .​
You invest in​ your brand image every time your logo is​ displayed on a​ Web page, on a​ sign, or​ in​ an​ advertisement.
A professionally designed logo enables you to​ be immediately recognizable and must be unique, memorable and simple .​
Such a​ logo will become one of​ your most valuable corporate assets over time.
How does your current logo stack up?
Run down this logo quick test:
• Does the logo have immediate impact?
• is​ it​ good to​ look at?
• is​ it​ distinctive?
• Does it​ create or​ evoke a​ positive image?
• Does it​ accurately represent the organization or​ business?
• is​ it​ straightforward?
• is​ it​ comprehensible?
• is​ it​ memorable?
• is​ it​ flexible?
• Does it​ copy well?
• Will it​ hold up to​ both large and small scale use?
• Will it​ wear well over time?
• Will you be proud to​ use it?

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