Loan Officers Do You Want Success

Loan Officers,​ Do you​ Want Success?
A short observation on​ success...
Having the​ opportunity to​ speak to​ thousands of​ loan officers across the​ country has given me an​ opportunity to​ pull out my magnifying glass so to​ speak .​
One of​ the​ things I​ have noticed is​ that there is​ a​ certain quality,​ or​ intangible that separate those who are successful versus those who are not.
During my weekly calls,​ I​ will speak to​ 50-75 loan officers each week .​
Out of​ this number of​ lo's I​ will typically find one loan officer who is​ either already experiencing a​ level of​ success,​or has the​ necessary mindset and tools to​ begin improving.
Did you​ catch that? Only one person out of​ this group of​ 50-75 actually feels that he/she is​ experiencing success! This isn't meant to​ scare you​ or​ discourage you,​ it​ is​ only meant to​ illustrate a​ point .​
The secret to​ success in​ the​ mortgage industry has very little to​ do with your marketplace,​ personality and the​ company you​ work for .​
While these things certainly can make the​ job easier,​ they will not help you​ one bit if​ you​ do not possess that elusive something that seems to​ catapult a​ rare group of​ men and women to​ new heights.
Are you​ ready to​ hear what this quality or​ something is? Ok then,​ here it​ is:
They work.....
You read this right .​
The main separation between those who are successful and those who are not is​ this group of​ individuals is​ willing to​ be proactive and MAKE things happen!
As plain Jane as​ this trait may seem,​ what did you​ expect? We all seem to​ constantly look for some glossy,​ super secret technique that will FORCE success into our laps,​ when the​ answer is​ floating in​ front of​ our faces all along.
See,​ I​ give away free materials,​ and campaigns,​ and techniques EVERY SINGLE DAY .​
Yet,​ when I​ conduct follow-up surveys,​ I​ find that the​ VAST majority of​ individuals who were so pumped up and excited about the​ information and techniques they learned,​ did absolutely nothing with what they learned.
We all know that this knowledge does us no good unless it​ is​ put into practice,​ so why do we do this? Why do we refuse to​ invest in​ ourselves? Why do we refuse to​ put the​ necessary time and energy into our business? Why do we fail to​ realize that sales and marketing is​ nothing more than communication; a​ form of​ processing and distributing information in​ an​ effective manner?
I ask these questions because each and every one of​ us needs to​ take a​ look at​ ourselves,​ and decide to​ work on​ our business instead of​ just working in​ our business.
The answers are out there staring us in​ the​ face .​
Whether you​ wish to​ be successful with refi's,​ builders,​ Realtors,​ equity loans etc .​
Nothing happens until you​ decide to​ DO something .​
More energy is​ expended complaining about lack of​ success than actually doing something about it.
Please don't read into this as​ a​ rant,​ but rather as​ a​ wake up call! There is​ so much talent out there that goes unrealized it​ blows my mind .​
Success CAN happen,​ and it​ can happen relatively quickly once we decide we want it​ bad enough to​ do something about it .​
Chances are you​ already possess a​ talent or​ potential that you​ have'nt even realized yet .​
Do you​ believe enough in​ yourself to​ uncover this talent? What is​ stopping you?
Chad Weber Average Joe L.O .​
Average Joe L.O .​
provides unique,​ no-hype marketing solutions for loan officers determined to​ build their realtor referral business .​
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