Living With Real Spirit

Living With Real Spirit

The decision I made took me out of​ character. it​ went against the grain of​ my early life experience and clashed with how I've become as​ an​ adult.

This decision has left me feeling part-whole - more spirited - part scared - uncomfortable and confused. it​ really took me outside my comfort box.

As a​ child I remember people often making comments like, 'Children should be seen and not heard.' I remember kids I went to​ school with telling me I couldn't sing. I can remember my opinion being laughed at​ in​ a​ classroom and family asking me to​ make 'Less noise.'

As a​ result of​ all of​ these comments I learned to​ keep my mouth shut, keep my opinion to​ myself and live a​ quite almost monkish existence.

Then at​ 6am one morning, while out for a​ walk on a​ country lane I had an​ uncontrollable urge to​ shout.

It wasn't that I wanted to​ shout anything in​ particular. I wasn't angry, frustrated or​ fed up. I just wanted to​ shout, 'Hello', 'Thank you', and 'Yes I am here.'

It felt so good. I wanted to​ do it​ again. But louder. So I did. Then I wanted to​ laugh. And it​ wasn't just a​ quite laugh. it​ was a​ really good belly laugh.

As I'm writing this I understand that my spirit wanted to​ raise the roof and let some more of​ the hidden me out.

You see it's all very well being 'spiritual' - meditating, understanding, being agreeable, showing empathy and all that, but it's quite another thing to​ be 'spirited.'

Being spirited might mean allowing yourself to​ make a​ little noise, letting your voice be heard, perhaps not complying to​ protocol - or​ the norm - when you don't agree with it.

Having let out my voice I was faced with the urge to​ dance - the part of​ me that is​ uncomfortable was pleased I was at​ home by this stage and not still walking a​ country lane - I mean what would it​ be like to​ be caught dancing in​ a​ country lane at​ 6am in​ the middle of​ nowhere?

Then throughout the week I've had the urge to​ put music on - rather than sit and read or​ meditate - to​ speak at​ a​ higher volume than usual - shout thanks up to​ the sky when something good happens rather than bowing my head. And do you know something?

It feels more like REAL spirited living than all that quite stuff.

When someone seeks me out as​ their coach they are often frustrated at​ circumstances or​ looking to​ accelerate their growth - in​ other words find how they can have what they want and get rid of​ what they don't want.

What I've found from my experience with REAL SPIRIT is​ that I want to​ live with more of​ the kind of​ spirit - shouting with glee and dancing and laughing. it​ made me feel more inspired and enthused.

When we're inspired and enthused we are on the journey to​ having everything. it​ also means we digest every experience that comes our way in​ a​ more positive light.

Three things to​ try:

1. I dare you to​ shout!

2. at​ dinner time, throw your head back and shout thank you for the food.

3. Put some music on loud and just allow your body to​ do what it​ wants

With Love and good wishes


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