Little SEO Tips For Your Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Little SEO Tips For Your Ecommerce Shopping Cart

One way to​ drive traffic to​ your eCommerce shopping cart site is​ by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Getting your eCommerce site listed high in​ search engines such as​ Google and Yahoo will bring valuable hits to​ your site. the​ traffic generated by SEO is​ normally very targeted,​ for example if​ someone searches for ‘product x’ and your site come up as​ the​ top listing the​ user that is​ going to​ be visiting your site is​ likely to​ be very interested purchasing ‘product x’.

Structure and Validation

Following the​ correct HTML (or XHTML) structure on​ your site is​ very important. you​ should make sure you​ use the​ correct header,​ html,​ body tags etc and use them in​ the​ correct order. There are plenty of​ good article on​ this around on​ the​ internet,​ the​ practice is​ called on​ page SEO,​ you​ just need to​ make sure that your shopping cart software follows the​ correct HTML structure. you​ might be surprised to​ find that a​ number of​ popular internet store solutions are not deployed with valid HTML structure.

SEO Friendly URLs

The structure of​ the​ links (or URLs) on​ your site is​ important using URL structures that read like

http://your domain/my_category/my_product

as opposed to

http://your domain/?product_id=xsslkjl&cat_id=3424

are generally accepted to​ increase your search engine rankings. There is​ much debate about how much this kind of​ search engine optimisation improves your rankings but the​ undeniable benefit of​ this is​ that when your page appears in​ search engine listings,​ the​ URL is​ included. if​ your URL is​ readable by a​ human then there is​ more chance the​ person is​ going to​ click on​ your link. Search engines also highlight the​ search terms in​ bold in​ the​ results the​ more of​ your listing to​ can get to​ appear in​ bold the​ better.

Maximise Descriptions

Search Engines deploy software robots to​ search the​ internet looking for pages,​ they are normally referred to​ as​ ‘Spiders’. Spiders love text,​ the​ more and more relevant the​ text on​ your site is​ then higher your chances of​ getting listed high in​ search engines is. Make sure your product and category descriptions are as​ in-depth as​ they can be,​ but keep in​ mind that you’re descriptions are going to​ be read by people who want to​ buy the​ products,​ so don’t make them full of​ gibberish just to​ that there is​ text for the​ spiders. Accurate and detailed product descriptions have also been shown to​ increase the​ likely hood a​ customer will make a​ purchase from your store.

Alternative Descriptions and Titles

Including alternative descriptions and titles for your products is​ a​ good idea. if​ you’re products is​ called ‘The XYZ48882’ then there is​ a​ possibility that someone searching for your product might not be aware that it’s called this,​ especially if​ it’s a​ small portable coffee machine. Including alternative more user friendly products titles will help the​ spiders and then,​ in-turn,​ customers find you. It’s a​ good idea to​ do some keyword research when choosing alternative descriptions. a​ keyword research tool will be able to​ tell you​ what descriptions people are searching for and give you​ a​ good idea which descriptions and titles to​ choose.

By employing these tips we have no doubt you​ will be able to​ increase the​ search engine traffic that your site generates.

Little SEO Tips For Your Ecommerce Shopping Cart

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