Little Known Passport To Wealth

Little Known Passport To Wealth

The answer to​ being able to​ find your passport to​ wealth online is...

"Big Ticket" items.

If you don't know what those are yet, hold on, I will fill you in. First, something has to​ be addressed so that you really understand the​ power of​ "Big Ticket" items and​ why they are your ticket to​ producing a​ large amount of​ money online very quickly.

You are with almost 100% certainty making a​ false assumption about making money online that is​ derailing your chances to​ ever make a​ substantial amount of​ money. Before you hear what the​ false assumption is, answer the​ following question...

Would you rather make 100 Sales to​ make $1,000 online, or​ would you rather make just a​ single sale to​ produce that same $1,000 income?

It's not a​ trick question. the​ answer is​ meant to​ be totally obvious.

Of course you should only want to​ make one sale as​ opposed to​ 100 to​ earn $1,000.

So why is​ it​ that so many people are wasting their time trying to​ market products, ebooks, opportunities etc. that pay them tiny commissions? I will tell you why, because there is​ a​ giant false assumption floating around in​ regards to​ being able to​ make quick easy money online. the​ false assumption....

It is​ easier to​ produce a​ $10 sale than it​ is​ to​ produce a​ $1,000 sale.

If you think that way, do yourself a​ favor and​ erase that thought from your mind forever. Locate that trash can within your brain, wad that statement up, set it​ on fire, and​ dump it's ashes into the​ trash.

The absolute truth is​ that it​ takes just as​ much time, effort and​ money to​ produce a​ $10 sale as​ it​ does to​ produce a​ $1,000 sale.

Read that sentence two or​ three times and​ let it​ sink in. Then ask yourself this...

What the​ heck and​ I doing trying to​ sell $10 products, or​ even $100 products or​ opportunities when I could with the​ same effort be making just as​ many $1,000 sales?

What defines a​ "Big Ticket" item. That differs depending on who you ask, but in​ the​ opinion of​ most marketing experts, it​ is​ a​ product that makes you a​ commission of​ at​ or​ around $1,000. Why $1,000? Because that seems to​ be the​ threshold of​ what people are willing to​ spend pretty freely to​ join an​ opportunity or​ business. if​ it​ is​ more, it​ does in​ fact get harder to​ make sales. if​ it​ is​ less, you are selling yourself short.

Traditional compensation plans whether they be mlm, powerline, or​ some crazy combination of​ both require hundreds, even thousands of​ sales to​ produce a​ $5,000 monthly income. Plus, and​ this is​ industry standard statistics, most of​ the​ people you bring in​ will quit before 90 days requiring you to​ be constantly adding members to​ your team. Does that seem very quick or​ easy to​ you?

Big ticket compensation plans however could produce that amount of​ money with 5 sales or​ less depending on the​ structure of​ the​ compensation plan. Now that seems a​ heck of​ a​ lot quicker and​ easier to​ me.

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