Little Giant Ladder A Complete Guide To Working With One

Little Giant Ladder A Complete Guide To Working With One

A major source of​ wounds and injuries in​ a​ workplace is​ due to​ fall from portable ladders. However, at​ times these wounds might prove fatal or​ can even end up making you paralyzed for the rest of​ your life. Little Giant Ladder ensures you the safety and makes you feel all the more secured. Here are some tips from the little giant ladder company to​ make you feel hundred percent protected.

Setting Up your Little Giant Ladder

1. Before setting up a​ ladder, check and be cautious about overhead electrical wires (if any). Try to​ mount the ladder on a​ clean smooth surface.

2. if​ it​ is​ required to​ use a​ ladder in​ driveways, passageways or​ any other high traffic areas set up suitable barricades. Remind yourself to​ lock the door shut incase you are using a​ ladder in​ a​ doorway.

3. Place the little giant ladder feet at​ least 1/4 of​ the ladder's working length away from the base of​ the structure.

4. The little giant ladder system has side rails on the top for support and thus prevents slipping.

5. if​ you are required to​ step onto a​ higher platform (e.g. a​ roof or​ scaffold), make sure the ladder extends at​ least 3 ft above that platform.

6. Do not set up your little giant ladder on a​ scaffold, table, cart, or​ box or​ on any other slippery or​ unstable surface.

The little giant ladders should stand on both side rails, not on any of​ its rungs.

Climbing a​ little giant Ladder

Climbing the little giant ladder does not require any expertise but you have to​ be careful regarding balancing.

1. Grasp the rungs of​ the giant little ladder, not the side rails. The rungs are easier to​ clutch incase your foot slips. Keep the centre of​ your body within the side rails.

2. Maintain three-point contact by keeping three hands and two feet, or​ one hand and two foot, on the giant little ladder at​ all times.

3. Keep your hands free of​ any objects while climbing the ladder. Attach the necessary tools to​ your belt instead.

Staying up on your Little Giant Ladder

1. Tie yourself off with a​ safety belt and be careful not to​ work from the top three rungs.

2. Wear protective footwear that has slip-resistant soles and heels and that they are dry and not slippery.

3.Don't bend too much standing up on your little giant ladder; you may lose your balance and fall out.

If you're doing work that requires you to​ look up and reach above your head (e.g. to​ wash windows or​ paint a​ wall) rest frequently to​ avoid arm fatigue, muscle pulls and dizziness. if​ you feel overworked rest your head against another rung or​ side rail of​ your ladder little giant and climb down slowly.

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