List Of Hairless Hypoallergenic Dogs

List of​ Hairless Hypoallergenic Dogs
While there are many breeds of​ hypoallergenic dogs,​ if​ you​ are looking for a​ dog that is​ unique,​ then you​ may want to​ research hairless breeds .​
While many people believe these breeds are made up of​ small dogs,​ this is​ not always the​ case .​
Medium sized dogs can also be found .​
Four types of​ hairless breeds include: the​ Mexican Hairless,​ the​ American Hairless Terrier,​ the​ Chinese Crested,​ and the​ Peruvian Hairless .​
If you​ are considering buying one of​ these breeds,​ you​ may have to​ search for a​ breeder online as​ these dogs are not as​ common as​ other breeds of​ hypoallergenic dogs.
The Mexican Hairless may be the​ most difficult hairless breed because there are very few breeders in​ the​ United States and in​ other countries .​
This breed has a​ short coat that will not need to​ be groomed or​ brushed because it​ is​ so short .​
This means that you​ will not have to​ worry about matting,​ or​ other issues concerning the​ care of​ the​ coat .​
The Mexican Hairless is​ available in​ different sizes,​ contrary to​ popular belief .​
The American Hairless Terrier is​ another breed that is​ not truly hairless .​
This breed also has a​ short coat that does not have to​ be groomed .​
Originally,​ an​ accident of​ nature discovered in​ 1972,​ breeders successfully reproduced other puppies in​ 1981 and have been selling them ever since .​
True to​ its Terrier roots,​ the​ American Hairless Terrier is​ a​ small,​ husky dog that is​ very friendly and outgoing .​
These dogs are great for those who are allergic to​ dogs and who live in​ small apartments or​ homes .​
The Chinese Crested is​ an​ unusual dog because it​ is​ available in​ two distinct varieties .​
The first variety is​ truly hairless except for long hair that grows on​ its paws,​ head,​ and tail .​
Grooming can be done by a​ professional or​ at​ home if​ you​ know what you​ are doing .​
The second variety called the​ powder puff and has long,​ fine hair that resembles human hair .​
Both varieties are considered to​ be hypoallergenic because these dogs do not shed too often .​
The Peruvian Hairless is​ truly hairless .​
This breed is​ medium in​ size and is​ intelligent and friendly to​ most people .​
This dog is​ not for those who have had no prior experience working with dogs .​
They need to​ be trained to​ follow commands and even though they are intelligent and learn quickly,​ they will not always obey .​
Hypoallergenic hairless dogs need exercise,​ crave attention,​ and enjoy being with their owners as​ much as​ other breeds .​
You will have to​ be careful when taking them outdoors because they get sunburnt easily and will require lotion when this happens .​
Since certain breeds can experience dry skin or​ acne,​ you​ may have to​ apply skin creams in​ order to​ reduce pain or​ itchiness .​
In order to​ find a​ breeder,​ you​ may have to​ search online because there are few breeders that breed hairless dogs simply because they are as​ popular as​ other breeds .​
If you​ can’t decide if​ a​ hairless dog is​ for you,​ visit those who have a​ hairless or​ visit the​ breeder to​ learn more .​

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