Links For Search Engine Optimization SEO Part 2

Links For Search Engine Optimization SEO Part 2

In the​ previous article on​ this topic,​ I covered the​ main types of​ links you​ want to​ get for your site. on​ the​ last part,​ I will clearly state which types of​ links to​ stay away from pursuing,​ and I will further explain some misconceptions about the​ good types of​ links.

Do not do this to​ your links.
(1) Placing a​ form on​ your site and then allowing anyone to​ add a​ link to​ your site using an​ automated process. if​ you​ do not manually approve these links,​ well,​ you​ are asking for “link problems”. Manually approve these links before posting them. What works,​ takes work…

(2) Denying a​ link based solely on​ a​ low or​ non existing PageRank. What a​ mistake! PageRank is​ not only outdated,​ it​ is​ also less relevant that it​ was in​ the​ past. as​ long as​ it​ is​ related to​ your site,​ what really matters here,​ is​ that the​ site your are reviewing is​ indexed or​ not. That is​ the​ key issue,​ not its popularity. This also applies outside the​ regular sites circle,​ to​ niche directories,​ smaller engines,​ etc.

(3) Sites that exchange links with you,​ but at​ a​ later time they do a​ “nofollow” on​ your link,​ or​ they just simply take it​ down. That is​ why you​ need to​ check your backlinks periodically to​ verify the​ status of​ these links exchanges.

(4) Sites with faked PageRank. Yes,​ they are all over. the​ problem is​ that you​ are doing an​ exchange link or​ buying a​ link from a​ site that doesn’t have the​ PageRank they claim to​ (offending domains use a​ 301 or​ 302 redirects that point their sites to​ sites with a​ high PageRank) and instead getting your genuine PageRank added to​ them as​ a​ trade,​ or​ your money.

Considering link exchanges.
This one is​ not easy,​ (see above) but also a​ good way if​ done right. How? Well,​ to​ start look for sites with lots of​ quality content that is​ directly related to​ yours. in​ this area,​ articles that are good introductions to​ your products or​ services create an​ opportunity. Focused on​ your visitors,​ look for resource pages that would increase their experience. Look for forums that allow actual links to​ be passed,​ as​ there are lots of​ then available,​ especially from authority sites,​ educational and governmental entities. And last,​ but not least,​ look for “information paths”,​ in​ other words,​ pages that lead visitors to​ additional information on​ a​ product or​ service.

Article swapping for links.
This one is​ very good. When you​ swap articles with a​ related site in​ your industry (for the​ most benefit) plus you​ add your own comments (preferably in​ a​ different color,​ hint: blue) to​ the​ article you​ are posting on​ you​ site (to avoid duplicate content among other things) this allows you​ to​ have additional content on​ your site,​ plus the​ immediate benefit of​ a​ properly implemented reciprocal link.

By Utah SEO Jose Nunez

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