Linking Viral Advertising Is A Good Virus

Linking Viral Advertising Is A Good Virus

You've built your website. I don't think I need to​ explain to​ you that you won't get anywhere with your online business if​ no one ever sees it. So traffic is​ what you're looking for. Ideally, targeted traffic. What's that, you ask.

Targeted traffic is​ people who know what they're looking for​ and​ have been led to​ believe that they'll find it​ on your website. How did they hear about you? Word of​ mouth? an​ ad on another website? Search engines? an​ ezine ad, safelist email, traffic exchange splash page?

Let's take one of​ those, search engines, and​ talk about it​ for​ a​ bit. Let's face it, that's the​ starting point for​ a​ lot of​ people looking for​ information online. But how far do they search? Here's what I usually do when I'm looking for​ something. Like yesterday...sigh...I spent hours looking for​ the​ driver, then the​ image editing software, for​ my scanner.

Adventures with Search Engines

I typed something into the​ search box. I looked at​ the​ first page of​ answers to​ my query. Not much was useful, but I did pick up on a​ few more targeted terms to​ type into the​ search box. Back and​ forth I went for​ a​ couple hours until I finally found what I was looking for.

Not my idea of​ a​ good time.

But ultimately I achieved my goal, once I had found the​ highly refined search terms I needed. for​ example, I didn't know to​ use "image editing software" when I started my search, but figured it​ out as​ I went along. and​ trust me, I didn't go much past the​ first page of​ any query during my hours of​ searching.

Your website needs those highly targeted keywords, so that when someone types them into a​ search engine, they find a​ listing for​ your website and​ it's one of​ those "Eureka! I've found it!" moments for​ them.

But even if​ you've got the​ keywords, how do you get your website into that first search page on Google or​ Yahoo! or​ AOL?

One way is​ called back linking, one of​ many online versions of​ word-of-mouth advertising. Some website already esteemed by the​ search engines for​ the​ same keywords as​ yours recommends your website as​ a​ good place to​ go for​ more info. Google or​ whoever sees that link, visits your site, and​ decides that yes, your site is​ an​ excellent place for​ more info on image editing software, or​ whatever. Your site then "rises" in​ esteem in​ the​ search engine world.

So if​ your site is​ about image editing software, your url appears on other sites about that same topic, or​ related to​ it​ strongly, such as​ sites about scanners or​ cameras. These related sites tell their visitors that your site is​ a​ good place to​ go for​ their image editing software needs.

I'll Scratch Your Back if​ You Scratch Mine

How do they do this? They don't have to​ actually say anything, although testimonials carry a​ lot of​ weight. You can exchange links with them; "I'll put a​ link to​ your site on mine if​ you do the​ same." Hence the​ name, reciprocal linking.

It's a​ time-consuming process, finding the​ most appropriate sites, communicating, posting the​ link to​ your site, checking to​ make sure they post your link, but it's worth it​ because it​ works if​ you've picked good sites. it​ doesn't work if​ you link to​ a​ site about used cars or​ baby showers if​ your site is​ about image software.

The best way to​ find targeted sites to​ link with is​ to​ type this into a​ search engine: "your site's keywords" "link to​ us". or​ variations on that, "your site's keywords" "add your link". or​ use related keywords. Use your imagination here. in​ the​ image editing example, the​ keywords you use can relate to​ uses for​ your software, such as​ "scanner software" or​ "photograph editing software". But be sure to​ include the​ " ", that's what will make your search the​ most targeted by using those exact phrases within the​ parentheses.

There are programs and​ software that make linking easier. There's a​ website where you can sign up, enter your keywords and​ site description, and​ then receive emails notifying you when there is​ another site or​ site with the​ same keywords as​ yours. You log in​ and​ there's a​ simple way to​ visit these sites and​ send automatic emails asking them if​ they would like to​ link with you. Here's the​ link, the​ service is​ free, the​ site is​ called Value Exchange.

Once a​ link to​ your site is​ on another website, it's there for​ good (barring unforeseen circumstances, such as​ you not upholding your end of​ the​ deal, or​ vice versa). People will continue to​ see that link for​ years to​ come. So will the​ search engines. They will continue to​ return to​ your site as​ long as​ the​ content is​ still relevant, and​ as​ long as​ you continue to​ add new content. the​ search engines love new and​ unique. Which is​ why, for​ example, you will continue to​ find new articles such as​ this one on my website. :^)

Besides reciprocal linking, there's one-way linking, such as​ when a​ website uses this article and​ it​ includes the​ resource box at​ the​ end with my link or​ links in​ it. Sweet, this is​ the​ best kind of​ link, a​ trade of​ free website content for​ a​ link back. My name gets a​ bit of​ branding, I get a​ link back, and​ the​ website owner gets fresh content for​ his or​ her site. and​ even more so than a​ static link on a​ website, this one is​ truly viral, as​ this article gets passed around forever, reaching more and​ more people every day.

So that's linking in​ a​ nutshell. There are other methods of​ word of​ mouth online promotion, but that's for​ another article another day. Here's a​ hint of​ things to​ come, though. There's a​ new fun way to​ get around Google and​ the​ others that's just starting to​ spread, it's a​ way to​ create your own search engine and​ it's called tagging. Yes it's fun, you run around the​ 'net saying "you've been tagged". More on that another time.

Till then, have fun linking and​ watching your search engine ranking soar!

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