Linking Strategies You Need To Know

Linking Strategies You Need To Know

Many people who are starting an​ internet business do not understand the​ importance of​ building links to​ their website. You can compare the​ links pointing to​ your internet business to​ opening a​ brick and​ mortar business and​ having people all around the​ area telling others how great your business is, this is​ basically people links.

How do these brick and​ mortar business get people to​ tell other people? They don't force them or​ pay them money; they give them great service, they give them a​ great product and​ continually give them great service after the​ sale. Well it's the​ same on the​ internet. the​ links you receive pointing to​ your website tells others how good your business is, how good the​ service is​ and​ what great products you have.

How do you get links to​ your site? Internet marketers have many different ways of​ doing this. What is​ the​ best way? Well I don't think there is​ a​ best way I think there are just different ways and​ you need to​ choose the​ methods you are knowledgeable about and​ comfortable with.

Here is​ a​ list of​ some one way link methods that internet webmasters use:

1. Article writing and​ article submission
2. Trade articles with other webmasters
3. Directory submission
4. Post to​ forums
5. Post to​ blogs
6. Link Exchange (not a​ one way link but it​ has its place)
7. Create great content and​ have other websites link to​ you
8. Create a​ piece of​ software code that other websites can use on their site
9. Create a​ video that others can use
10. Submit a​ press release
11. Buy links from websites
12. Find webmasters and​ beg for​ a​ one way link

This is​ just a​ short list of​ ways to​ get links. When you create your link it​ is​ beneficial to​ create your link with a​ keyword or​ as​ some people call it​ an​ anchor tag. You should do some research and​ choose the​ best keyword that fits your business. I am not going to​ go into how to​ do keyword research in​ this article but there are many articles on the​ internet that explain how to​ do this.

Every time you place your link make sure that the​ keyword is​ the​ active link that points back to​ your site. One suggestion I would make is​ that I would use a​ keyword that has high traffic searches per month. Many people will tell you not do this because you will never rank in​ the​ search engines for​ this word, but what they don't tell you is​ that if​ you use the​ high search keyword you will get ranked for​ many low searched keywords on your website. This will create traffic to​ your website.

How long will it​ take until I receive tons of​ traffic? There are different types of​ traffic, paid and​ free. if​ you want traffic the​ same or​ the​ next day, there are many pay per click (PPC) system on the​ market today. Just go to​ your browser and​ type in​ pay per click and​ there will a​ list of​ sites that do this. if​ you want free traffic on the​ other hand this will take time. You need to​ promote your anchor tag (keyword) and​ start building one way links to​ your site. Don't forget to​ add valuable content to​ your website, this is​ important. Over time as​ you continue to​ build links, traffic will start arriving to​ your website. I did a​ test to​ see how fast I could build 100 visitors of​ traffic to​ my site. I wrote 20 articles over a​ 3 month period and​ submitted them to​ article submitters. at​ the​ end of​ 3 months I was receiving 150 to​ 200 visitors a​ day to​ my website.

It all depends on how much you put into your business. if​ you are passionate about what you are doing the​ traffic will come to​ your website. Keep going and​ do not give up, your success is​ right around the​ corner.

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