Linking Strategies For Newbies

Linking Strategies For Newbies

One of​ the​ most crucial mistakes I made when I first started Internet Marketing was not completely understand the​ importance of​ proper back linking, anchor tags, keywords and​ the​ title tag. the​ most important things to​ search engines is​ providing relevancy to​ search results using keywords in​ the​ anchor tags and​ back links. Back links to​ your website has become one of​ the​ most or​ if​ not important aspects to​ better Search Engine Result Positioning (SERP) using your keywords in​ your anchor tags.

One of​ the​ most common mistakes that I personally made with my website was in​ the​ title was:

Title: Succeed Online with ES-Solution

the​ problem with that title was; What does that have to​ do with my website and​ keywords? Search Engines base a​ lot of​ importance on the​ keywords and​ the​ anchor tag contained in​ the​ back link. Additionally, I submitted my website to​ many directories and​ search engines using that title. What I am telling the​ search engines? That my most important keyword or​ keyword phrase is​ “Succeed Online with ES-Solution.” How many possible searchs do you believe would have that exact phrase or​ keywords? Zero.

My rankings for​ my keyword phrase “Internet Marketing eBooks” were even more horrible!

Steps to​ avoiding this same mistake:

Step 1: Never using a​ descriptive title

Step 2: Choose the​ most relevant Keywords for​ your Title

Step 3: Create back links using the​ appropriate anchor tag.

My actions:

1. I changed my title to​ “Internet Marketing eBooks”. Another important idea behind your title and​ keywords is​ that the​ search engines will shift around your keywords to​ make more phrases. I only have 3 Keywords but using different combination, I have 3 good keyword pharses:

(1) Internet Marketing eBooks
(2) Marketing eBooks
(3) Internet Marketing

2. and​ I began re-submiting my website to​ directories and​ search engines with the​ proper title (anchor tag): “Internet Marketing eBooks”

My results:

(1) I have several back links with the​ anchor text “Internet Marketing eBooks”, but unfortunately I still have some of​ the​ old back links with the​ anchor text “Succeed on with ES-Solution” dropping my overall relevancy to​ 54% when it​ should be 100%.

(2) I have managed to​ achieve the​ number one ranking as​ of​ 6 December 2018 for​ the​ keyword phrase “Internet Marketing eBooks” in​ MSN and​ the​ number two ranking in​ Yahoo.

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