Link Strategies

Link Strategies

You are a​ webmaster, you have spent a​ lot of​ time putting together a​ great website and​ now you want to​ drive traffic to​ it. What are your options?

Short term, you will need to​ promote your site through advertising, traffic exchanges, traffic wholesalers and​ pay per click (PPC) campaigns but longer term you really want to​ get your website ranking high in​ the​ search engines. Firstly, you will need to​ make sure that your site is​ optimized which really means having a​ relevant domain name, a​ relevant title, relevant keywords in​ your meta tags and​ content that is​ relevant to​ your keywords and​ title. it​ is​ best not to​ have too many keywords (maybe about a​ dozen) and​ ensure that each keyword gets used several times throughout the​ site.

Please note, the​ most important thing here is​ the​ word relevant. Search engines love relevancy and​ they love relevant content.

The next challenge is​ to​ get lots of​ other relevant sites to​ link back to​ you. Ideally, these will be one way links but relevant reciprocal links are also useful. in​ addition to​ getting links from relevant sites you should also try to​ get links from sites that have a​ high Google page rank and​ a​ good Alexa rating. it​ sounds onerous but it​ really isn’t, although it​ does require some effort and​ application. First, you should concentrate on the​ quality of​ links rather than the​ volume of​ links. Focus on relevance first and​ then on Google page rank and​ Alexa rating. Here are some of​ your options.

Submit your site to​ directories. Choose directories that have a​ good page rank and​ traffic rating and​ make sure you choose a​ relevant category. Some directories are paid, some are free with a​ reciprocal link and​ some are free without a​ reciprocal link. Clearly the​ latter is​ better but the​ first two options are still useful.

Write articles and​ submit them to​ article directories. the​ same rules apply as​ for​ directories. Choose directories that have a​ good page rank and​ traffic rating and​ make sure you choose a​ relevant category. Your article should also include some of​ the​ keywords from your website. it​ is​ tempting to​ write an​ article that just promotes your site but apart from the​ likelihood of​ your article being refused by the​ article directories, such advertorial content is​ unlikely to​ be picked up and​ used by other webmasters. Therefore, your articles should be focused on providing useful and​ interesting information to​ your intended audience. Remember, the​ more webmasters that use your article, the​ more sites your link will appear on, that is, you are not only getting backlinks from article directories but also the​ webmasters that use your content.

Next you should consider link exchanges as​ you surf the​ internet and​ find other relevant sites. in​ particular, you should look out for​ links pages on these websites that indicate the​ webmaster is​ interested in​ exchanging links.

There is​ some debate at​ the​ moment as​ to​ whether search engines will continue to​ recognise paid for​ links. Sites such as​ Text Link Ads and​ Viral Adwords that use javascript to​ run text ads on other sites. if​ you have the​ budget, these strategies will not harm your search engine ranking and​ even if​ they don’t enhance it, they will deliver on their primary purpose to​ drive targeted traffic to​ your site.

Another powerful option is​ to​ offer a​ useful free tool to​ your visitors that includes a​ link back to​ your site. Statcounter have achieved a​ Google page rank of​ 10 by using precisely this strategy. of​ course, you have to​ have the​ vision and​ skill to​ develop such a​ useful and​ popular tool.

In summary, if​ you want to​ rank high in​ search pages your site needs to​ have relevant content and​ be linked to​ by other relevant sites. Directories, articles, link exchanges, paid links and​ tools embedded with a​ link to​ your website all provide a​ potential opportunity to​ build up your search engine rating and​ drive quality, free and​ targeted traffic to​ your website.

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