Link Building Strategies That Work

There are a​ number of​ ideas about what are the​ best ways to​ promote a​ website and​ about the​ best ways to​ attract more visitors to​ a​ website. in​ my opinion, it​ is​ important to​ start up a​ link building campaign to​ increase the​ number of​ websites which have a​ link to​ your site on their site. This is​ one proven method which has been successful in​ achieving high rankings for​ many different sites, however there are some important factors to​ keep in​ mind when attempting to​ build up this link network.

If you have a​ new site and​ are desperate to​ achieve top rankings on the​ top search engines such as​ google, think again. Most of​ these search engines will probably not give your new site a​ high ranking until it​ has become established. This is​ where the​ age of​ the​ domain is​ important. You can not in​ reality expect to​ be placed in​ a​ higher search position than a​ site which has been around for​ eight years and​ which has been building up links, during this period. This is​ where patience is​ required, you should see your site as​ something which is​ going to​ be online for​ a​ long time and​ hopefully in​ time, some of​ the​ other sites that you are competing with will have dropped out etc.

This is​ the​ same attitude that should be applied when building up the​ number of​ backward links pointing to​ your site. Going from only a​ few, to​ a​ few thousand in​ a​ short space of​ time may not be the​ best idea. Regular increases are in​ my opinion the​ way to​ go and​ quality is​ just as​ important as​ quantity. Decide the​ ways in​ which you are planning to​ obtain your backward links and​ try to​ ensure that you obtain roughly the​ same amount each month, where possible of​ course. Over a​ long period of​ time this strategy is​ sure to​ pay dividends and​ your search engine position should steadily improve. You will then have an​ authority site, which all new sites will be aspiring to​ compete with. Like many areas of​ life we do not really want to​ wait for​ our success and​ want immediate rewards, such as​ high rankings. On some search engines this may be possible but on most it​ will require hard work and​ this type of​ patience.

The links that you obtain should where possible be from sites which are in​ a​ similar industry or​ subject matter, to​ your own site. This is​ a​ lot easier said than done however. if​ your site is​ very well written, optimised and​ of​ use to​ a​ large number of​ people, you may well receive links on other sites without the​ need to​ request the​ link. This is​ of​ course exactly what you want and​ is​ why it​ is​ important to​ spend time thinking of​ how your site is​ written and​ presented.

A good way of​ obtaining a​ link to​ your site is​ to​ write a​ reference or​ testimonial to​ owners of​ other sites with which you have had dealings with. Offer to​ write them this testimonial which of​ course will be of​ great benefit to​ them, on the​ understanding that they will include a​ link back to​ your site at​ the​ bottom.

I personally concentrate on obtaining one-way links as​ I believe these to​ have the​ most value. One way I do this is​ by writing articles such as​ the​ one you are reading. There are a​ great number of​ benefits of​ writing articles which can be read at​ most of​ the​ article directories such as​ ezinearticles. I would certainly recommend it​ to​ other people who are thinking of​ starting up a​ link building campaign.

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