Link Building Link Baiting Strategies For A Successful SEO Campaign

Link Building Link Baiting Strategies For A Successful SEO Campaign

Link building refers to​ search engine optimization strategies in​ which one way back links to​ a​ website are created. By generating links from related and authoritative sites back to​ your own website you​ not only encourage extra web traffic,​ you​ increase your page rankings in​ search engine results pages. Some of​ the​ most successful link building techniques are article marketing,​ blogging,​ forum posting and paid advertising on​ related and high traffic websites.

The importance of​ one way links cannot be over emphasized. Reciprocal linking is​ now seen for what it​ is​ – a​ deceptive strategy. Also rapid,​ artificial development of​ one way links is​ suspect so it​ is​ far better to​ create your links gradually as​ one would expect of​ natural website and back link development. Organic SEO strategies will not trigger any alarms in​ the​ search engines and can be used in​ a​ focused and accelerated way to​ expedite the​ marketing advantages.

Article marketing is​ one of​ the​ most effective ways to​ build back links to​ your website. it​ is​ better to​ use a​ couple of​ high traffic article directories than to​ submit your articles to​ hundreds or​ even thousands of​ directories as​ this will create an​ enormous amount of​ duplicate content which is​ devalued by the​ search engine algorithms. it​ is​ also a​ mistake to​ put articles on​ your website that you​ have used for article marketing purposes because this would create duplicate content on​ your website. While you​ certainly want the​ benefit of​ back links to​ increase your search engine results page (SERP) rank you​ need to​ take into account other factors which can affect your SERP position such as​ duplicate content.

Blogging,​ forum posting and paid advertising on​ relevant websites can also provide excellent one way links to​ your website. you​ can write blog articles on​ your own blog as​ well as​ writing comments and articles on​ other people’s blogs that link back to​ your website. Forums will generally not allow you​ to​ directly link to​ your website in​ the​ posting itself,​ however you​ can use a​ link to​ your site as​ a​ signature under your post which can be just as​ effective as​ an​ embedded back link. Placing paid ads on​ high traffic,​ related and authoritative sites can also provide one way links back to​ your website which is​ likely to​ both increase the​ number of​ visitors as​ well as​ your SERP position.

Link baiting is​ an​ indirect link building strategy in​ that you​ do not directly place the​ links but encourage others to​ link back to​ your site or,​ more specifically,​ a​ particular article or​ page on​ your site. Link baiting is​ achieved by writing interesting,​ informative,​ humorous or​ controversial articles that others are likely to​ link to​ from their websites or​ blogs. Ask yourself what information you​ can offer that will benefit others and tempt them to​ link back to​ the​ information. Controversy and disagreement are always popular,​ running an​ online contest is​ another link bait technique,​ so too is​ writing free how-to reports,​ providing free access to​ an​ online software program,​ or​ doing something new on​ the​ internet that is​ interesting or​ helpful and grabs attention. Writing or​ editing informational articles for online encyclopedias such as​ Wikipedia can also be an​ effective link bait technique.

Link building and link baiting are both effective search engine optimization strategies as​ well as​ traffic building techniques. if​ you​ strategically link one way from relevant websites back to​ your own,​ you​ will gradually improve your SERP rank as​ well as​ increase the​ number of​ visitors to​ your site and therefore your profitability. you​ cannot optimize your website effectively and ignore the​ importance of​ back links. it​ is​ becoming increasingly difficult to​ manipulate Google and other search engines by using artificial strategies so it​ is​ very important to​ create natural links in​ order to​ gain lasting benefits in​ terms of​ search engine results rank. Link building and link baiting are helpful and beneficial SEO strategies. if​ you​ use them wisely,​ they can significantly increase the​ positioning of​ your website on​ the​ search engines and consequently the​ ability of​ your site to​ be profitable and successful.

Link Building Link Baiting Strategies For A Successful SEO Campaign

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