Link Building For SEO On A New Site

Link Building For SEO On A New Site

Ah,​ the​ joys of​ link building and search engine optimization. if​ you​ have a​ new site,​ here is​ a​ tip that you​ might want to​ consider. Then again,​ you​ may just want to​ pitch it.

Link Building for SEO on​ a​ New Site

Link building simply refers to​ an​ issue known as​ relevancy. When ranking sites in​ search engine results,​ Google tends to​ list the​ site that is​ the​ most relevant. There are a​ lot of​ factors that go into determining relevancy,​ but the​ number of​ other sites linking to​ yours is​ one of​ them. This is​ why a​ site like the​ one for the​ IRS is​ high in​ search results for tax issues even though it​ does not trade links per se.

Ideally,​ you​ want only inbound links from other sites that are relevant to​ the​ subject of​ your site. if​ you​ have a​ plumbing site,​ you​ want links from other plumbing or​ home improvement sites. Despite all the​ junk email you​ receive,​ links from casino and pharmacy sites are not going to​ help the​ rankings for your plumbing site. They will hurt the​ rankings because they are not relevant.

When building links to​ your site,​ Google favors a​ slow,​ steady increase in​ links. if​ you​ want top rankings on​ Google,​ you​ should follow this mantra with one exception. if​ you​ have a​ new site,​ you​ need not be a​ slave to​ this approach.

As you​ probably know,​ new sites are not ranked by Google. Instead,​ your site will sit for six months or​ so in​ the​ much discussed Google sandbox. Given this fact,​ you​ really don’t need to​ worry about Google for the​ same period of​ time when it​ comes to​ your links. Google isn’t going to​ rank you​ anyway,​ so picking up the​ pace isn’t really a​ problem.

With a​ brand new site,​ I prefer to​ create as​ many legitimate,​ relevant links as​ possible as​ soon as​ possible. the​ reason is​ I find it​ beneficial to​ start aging the​ links as​ soon as​ possible. Links to​ your site tend to​ grow in​ value the​ longer they exist on​ another site. From my point of​ view,​ why not maximize the​ number as​ quickly as​ possible? it​ isn’t like it​ is​ going to​ hurt your rankings on​ Google. you​ aren’t going to​ have any!

In taking this approach,​ I am not suggesting that you​ purchase links,​ use link farms or​ so on. I am just suggesting that you​ maximize your link trading efforts immediately to​ build up as​ many links as​ possible and get the​ aging process rolling. as​ you​ approach month four in​ the​ sandbox,​ you​ can start scaling back your efforts to​ a​ more slow and steady approach. Its worked for me.

Link Building For SEO On A New Site

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