Lighting Buying Guide

Lighting Buying Guide

This guide aims to​ inform you on different aspects of​ lighting to​ help you buy the right combination of​ lighting for your home. Each one of​ us has individualistic taste that reflects our lifestyle and preferences. When it​ comes to​ lighting, few of​ us pay attention to​ details, whereas a​ thoughtful approach can help you bring to​ life your very own home in​ ways that add drama and ambience to​ any space just the way you imagine….right out of​ the home décor books.

Start with a​ realistic list of​ the lighting fixtures you need. With lighting, you need to​ look beyond the trend, for you don’t want to​ buy a​ fashionable lamp only to​ change it​ one year down the line. Work on the list with emphasis on,
- Interior lighting: Living room, Bathroom, Study room, Bed rooms
- Outdoor Lighting: Home & Garden Lighting

Before you decide how much you want to​ spend. a​ good lighting plan will,

• Highlight and illuminate
• Improve on poorly lit areas
• Bestow a​ room with desired ambiance
• Personalize and enhance safety and security

Once you have rescheduled your list and prioritized areas, you would exactly know where you stand. Maybe you are looking for complete lighting make-over or​ installations. or​ perhaps, you would like to​ do it​ in​ stages, starting with the high-priority list. Here are some of​ the known lighting solutions, segregated for your convenience,

Ceiling : Ceiling lights and lights above can add a​ great deal of​ charm and elegance to​ a​ room.

Ceiling fixtures: Ceiling fixtures are not just decorative; they can be used to​ highlight important areas in​ the kitchen, bathroom to​ the ceiling. You can find ceiling light fixtures in​ different shapes and sizes to​ fill the platter.

Pendant lights: Unlike fixed ceiling lights, pendants are hanging lights suspended from the ceiling. You can create the most interesting impressions with pendant lighting.

Low lights: Fixed directly in​ the ceiling, recessed lights can be used as​ spotlights in​ all rooms.

Track lighting: Track lighting consists of​ a​ light or​ series of​ lights mounted to​ a​ metal track. Just move, swivel, or​ rotate a​ light to​ suit your immediate lighting needs.

Wall Lamps : For highlights and accents, wall lights come in​ handy to​ add softer shades to​ a​ room décor. They can be practically used anywhere, from living area to​ bathroom. Indirect lighting decorates a​ wall space, and when used intelligently can offer the most intriguing combination of​ art and décor themes. When used in​ bathroom, you can highlight the areas you wish, like above a​ mirror, and opt for a​ shade to​ minimize the glare. There are great modern and combination wall lights available for a​ variety of​ interior settings like,

Wall-mounted fixtures: Wall sconces can be fixed to​ walls. Used to​ highlight paintings, art work and other décor areas, they illuminate the surface of​ a​ wall and add a​ touch of​ sophistication..

Swing-arm lamps: For study and work, swing-arm lamps offer utility and function.

Table Lamps : Table lamps, desk lamps or​ task lamps serve well in​ the study room. Used to​ highlight specific work areas, you get a​ wide variety right from architects lamps, task light, bankers lamp, dimmable and adjustable desk lamps that can swivel and swing and can be used for a​ variety of​ functions.

Floor Lamps : While buying floor lamps, you may want to​ ask a​ few questions,

1)What is​ the purpose of​ the lamp (aesthetic, functional or​ highlighting
specific areas or​ a​ combination of​ all)

2)What is​ the styling theme at​ your home? Does the lamp compliment the theme?

3)What is​ the ideal material: Glass, steel, paper, wood, bamboo, bronze?

Types of​ Floor Lamps :

a) Console Floor Lamp: it​ is​ a​ classic design with a​ single pole and a​ glass or​ cloth globe.
b) Tree lamp: Used to​ highlight different areas, a​ tree floor lamp has a​ central pole and have three or​ more branches.
c) Arc Lamps: Aesthetic and modern, it​ can just stand as​ a​ statement or​ be used to​ highlight specific areas .
d) Torchiere/Torch Lamps: Designed to​ highlight and focus on light upwards, this light offers a​ great ambience.

Outdoor Lamps : Outdoor lighting is​ equally crucial to​ highlight important zones for safety and security as​ well as​ to​ provide right amount of​ illumination for outdoor life. Here are some important types of​ lights,

Path lamps: important to​ highlight walking path that leads to​ home, the lighting is​ used to​ line up a​ path.

Light lamps: Useful in​ patio and outdoor areas, you can hang them on the wall next to​ the front door, or​ in​ an​ open entrance, or​ outside the house on walls that lead to​ the garden.

Floodlights: You can highlight any favorite area like sitting area in​ the garden, or​ a​ great looking plant for outdoor theme.

String lights: String lights are festive lights but can bring a​ new dimension even if​ you light them on a​ tree or​ a​ path during outdoor parties or​ to​ highlight trees and shrubs.

Lanterns: Offering an​ interesting contrast to​ modern décor, you can light up lanterns to​ highlight the yard, lobby, backyard, entryway, or​ driveway.

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