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Illinois is​ a​ myriad of​ sites and sounds, history and multiculturalism, all blended harmoniously into what is​ considered a​ perfect microcosm of​ the United States. The exploding diversity of​ the north and Chicagoland balances perfectly with the wilderness and historic sites of​ the south.

The major financial, cultural and commercial hub of​ Illinois, Chicago, is​ situated on the Great Lake Michigan. The rest of​ the state is​ largely bordered by major waterways, including the Mississippi River to​ the west and the Ohio River to​ the south. Due to​ its geographic location, Illinois has blossomed over the centuries to​ become the unofficial capital of​ the Midwest region of​ the United States. Get a​ true taste of​ America’s Heartland when you book your airfare to​ Illinois’ Interior Plains.

The Joy of​ Illinois: Chicago and Beyond

When you plan your itinerary, remember that Illinois is​ divided into six distinct regions that all offer a​ different flavor of​ the Midwest and are best explored by automobile. Southern Illinois is​ not short of​ parks, recreation and open spaces. The Shawnee National Forest, expanding between the Ohio and the Mississippi Rivers, is​ a​ 270,000 acre wilderness wonderland, complete with rock climbing, horseback riding and observation towers. if​ you love wine, travel Illinois’ wine region in​ the south. The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail provides an​ excellent tour of​ five wineries that are easily accessible by car.

Central Illinois is​ a​ notable mix of​ fantastic stops that will certainly round out your travel to​ Illinois. it​ also happens to​ be where President Abraham Lincoln’s former home and the state’s capital is​ located. in​ Springfield, take a​ stop at​ Looking for Lincoln, a​ collection of​ houses, buildings and countryside where the 16th president actually spent time. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is​ also located in​ the heart of​ Springfield. You can also get your kicks in​ Central Illinois where the Historic Route 66 passes through the state. Along the way, stop at​ the Amish Interpretive Center for a​ glimpse into the life and history of​ the Old Order Amish community. The fun is​ certainly not over yet; convince the kids that Santa does exist by visiting Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch where real Alaskan reindeer roam the grounds!

Chicagoland in​ Northern Illinois is​ another influential region. After you find cheap airfare to​ Illinois through O’Hare International Airport, you will find yourself in​ the true heart of​ the state. Stroll along the waterfront of​ Lake Michigan or​ enjoy world-class theater and dining. Chicago is​ the third most populous city in​ the United States and a​ historic center for America’s civil rights movements as​ well as​ the birth and growth of​ modern music, including jazz, blues and techno.

Witness the cultural melting pot that is​ the United States on a​ smaller scale. From hiking and fishing to​ historic sites and cosmopolitan exploits, travel to​ Illinois is​ certainly an​ all in​ one adventure!

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