Lg Ke800 Chocolate Platinum Martins Quick Review

Lg Ke800 Chocolate Platinum - Martin's Quick Review
Not satisfied with the success of​ the KG800, also known as​ the Chocolate, LG had to​ try and go one better .​
They succeeded when they announced the Chocolate Platinum/II, also known as​ the LG KE800 .​
You get the same basic features as​ the Chocolate provides but with a​ few extra twists to​ enhance your phone user experience.
The KE800 picks up where the KG800 left off, with the same touch sensitive keypad and great functionality .​
I​ have to​ say that I​ am not a​ fan of​ the former .​
It is​ difficult to​ get used to​ either model when it​ is​ so easy to​ misdial, mistext and set off on a​ journey navigating through the entire menu without realising .​
However, LG have learned from the feedback they received from Chocolate customers and built a​ bigger and better version that shows exactly whet the brand can do.
The KE800 looks similar to​ the Chocolate, with the same slider and simplistic colour combination of​ grey, black and red .​
It does have a​ new outer casing though, and this one doesn’t pick up as​ many fingerprints as​ its predecessor .​
The navigation is​ just as​ easy and the menu is​ virtually a​ carbon copy of​ the Chocolate’s .​
However, the features in​ that menu are new and improved.
The camera is​ 2MP and delivers excellent images thanks to​ the useful auto focus that LG have incorporate to​ make taking photos less time consuming and more spontaneous .​
The KG800 gave you the choice of​ resolution and quality, but that is​ not necessary with the KE800 because the phone does the work for you.
You can store plenty of​ images on the KE800’s 256MB memory, which can also be supplemented with a​ memory expansion card .​
This model actually has a​ slot for it! The memory is​ excellent in​ itself for such a​ small phone, but the card option takes it​ to​ another level.
You are also given a​ further sound option with the KE800 because it​ has FM radio, something that the Chocolate surprisingly lacked .​
It has great digital capabilities in​ MP3, WAV and AAC software, which make it​ a​ great phone for music lovers .​
The sound quality, dare I​ say it, also appears to​ be slightly better.
If you liked the KG800 Chocolate, the chances are that you will love the KE800 even more .​
There are less niggles that apply to​ the phone on the whole simply because it​ is​ bigger and better LG have learnt from their mistakes and this phone is​ the better for it.

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