Lg Electronics 50pc3d Plasma Hdtv Review

LG Electronics 50PC3D Plasma HDTV review
The LG Electronics 50PC3D Plasma HDTV with the 50 inch plasma screen is​ an​ average product when it​ comes to​ HDTVs .​
Although it​ received an​ satisfactory score at​ the tests, it​ has a​ good design and the price is​ low .​
When speaking about the color quality, tones and brightness this HDTV manages to​ make them look ok .​
Although when you look at​ the skin color you may notice some pixelation, the overall quality is​ good and the skin looks quite real .​
When watching something that shows light and strident colors, the LG Plasma HDTV manages to​ polish them and brings out a​ nice combination without hurting your eyes .​
Also, the night scenes are really fantastic as​ this HDTV has good quality when it​ comes to​ black or​ darker spots in​ movies .​
This LG Plasma HDTV also comes with many connections like three HDMI inputs which are similar to​ the ones found on the Pioneer Kuro PDP-5010FD .​
Keep in​ mind that it​ comes with a​ nice USB port that lets you use a​ flash card reader or​ a​ thumb device .​
You can also see high quality photos on the TV .​
Another great feature of​ this Plasma screen is​ the remote control which has controls for any slide shows and lets you manage your photos manually .​
So if​ you simply want to​ view some photos get comfy and operate everything with the remote control .​
The swiveling technology is​ like the one on the Samsung FP-T5084 but easier to​ use .​
Make sure you loosen the little bolt from the back if​ you want to​ swivel your TV .​
When reaching the back of​ your TV you can see the plastic half loop which ensures that your cables are packed together .​
An eye catching feature is​ the design of​ the display setting buttons, which is​ very elegant and futuristic .​
The buttons will only become visible when you touch the pad under the bezel .​
Although this TV is​ rather average in​ quality, it​ has an​ organized structure that makes it​ very easy to​ use .​
You can adapt the colors and harmonize the aspect by using the on-screen display menu .​
The adaptable features are the red, green, and blue colors which can be found in​ the color temperature menu .​
You can also choose from the predetermined settings if​ you don’t know how to​ adapt things manually .​
The options are: Standard, Mild, and Dynamic .​
They change to​ different levels of​ contrast, brightness and vividness .​
Although the Dynamic color looks most appealing, it​ makes things look a​ bit unnatural, so you might opt for the other two predetermined settings which look more realistic .​
The option that lets you choose two customizable setting could prove useful if​ you want to​ switch from one to​ another without manually choosing all the settings .​
All of​ these can be made by using the touch pad or​ the remote .​
The remote’s design is​ not very eye catching as​ the buttons may seem a​ bit uncomfortable to​ use and it​ has no light (this will also prove uncomfortable in​ the dark) .​
The audio quality received a​ good score during the tests .​
Also, keep in​ mind that the speakers are on the sides of​ this TV and will make the panel design a​ little bigger than others from the same category .​
This will usually give a​ false view that the TV is​ bigger than others of​ similar size and shapes .​
The sound is​ very good and the LG Company guarantees your parts and labor warranty for two years, which is​ a​ good deal as​ most of​ the other producers offer less .​
The LG Electronics 50PC3D Plasma HDTV has standard quality and may be a​ good TV for someone who doesn’t want to​ spend large sums of​ money on HDTVs .​
The sound quality may be a​ great advantage when choosing this product .​
However, if​ you want something extraordinary, you may be a​ little disappointed .​
So if​ you are looking for ok quality and not for best quality, this might suit your taste .​
Lg Electronics 50pc3d Plasma Hdtv Review Lg Electronics 50pc3d Plasma Hdtv Review Reviewed by Henda Yesti on February 21, 2018 Rating: 5

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