Let Your Knowledge Pay You Some Extra Retirement Income

Let Your Knowledge Pay You Some Extra Retirement Income

Let Your Knowledge Pay You Some Extra Retirement Income
Is there a​ topic that you have become particularly knowledgeable about? Have you had particular challenges in​ your life that you had to​ overcome? Do you have a​ hobby or​ a​ craft that you have a​ compelling interest in? Perhaps, you perfected a​ skill in​ a​ particularly technical area during your career .​
Did you ever think that you knew a​ better way to​ accomplish something, if​ only you had the chance?
All of​ us have some area of​ our lives that we have focused on enough to​ develop a​ particular set of​ skills in​ or​ knowledge about .​
We have come to​ take our experience, knowledge and skills for granted as​ we approach or​ reach retirement age.
What if​ there was a​ way that you could set up an​ Information Stand on your own street and have a​ stream of​ people arrive at​ your information stand each and every day .​
Heck, they each would even pay you a​ small fee to​ have their questions on your topic answered! Do you think that this might provide a​ little extra cash to​ supplement your retirement income? You bet it​ would.
Remember your childhood .​
Did you ever have a​ Kool-Aid stand on your street on a​ hot Summer day? Yeah, it​ was great .​
Adults would pay 5 cents per cup (some would even pay more) and when you ran out of​ Kool-Aid, you would simply make up another batch .​
You could do this until all of​ the adults had their thirst quenched and then sales would drop off.
Well, you can easily set up an​ Information Stand on the Internet at​ which to​ provide answers on the topic of​ your passion .​
There are some interesting characteristics of​ your Information Stand that make it​ better than a​ Kool-Aid stand:
1 .​
Unlike Kool-Aid, you never run out of​ Information .​
In fact, you even gain more and better information as​ a​ result of​ the dialogue and the research that you do in​ building your Information Stand.
2 .​
You become known as​ an​ expert .​
That’s right, the more activity that you have at​ your stand, the better you become known as​ a​ reliable source of​ information on your topic .​
In fact, when this occurs and the perception of​ your information becomes more valuable, people will be willing to​ pay more for your information.
3 .​
Unlike the Kool-Aid stand, you can sell the information without you having to​ be there .​
You can even sell information while you are asleep or​ out playing with the other ‘kids’!
4 .​
As word spreads like a​ virus about your information stand, the sheer number of​ people coming to​ your stand will increase exponentially.
5 .​
Instead of​ being limited to​ just your street, you can have your Information Stand on the biggest Information superhighway of​ them all – the Internet!
6 .​
Unlike the Kool-Aid stand, the line of​ people coming to​ your Information Stand never ends .​
In fact, as​ the word of​ your Information Stand gets out like a​ virus on the Internet, you will have an​ increasing number of​ people coming to​ you for answers to​ their questions .​
People from all over the world will be coming to​ your Information Stand all hours of​ the day and night! If you build it, they will come!
The very best news is​ that the technology now exists for you to​ establish your Information Stand on the Internet for an​ investment of​ less than $30 and a​ bit of​ your time .​
The software necessary to​ do this can be downloaded free of​ charge and the remaining components can be purchased inexpensively(Domain name - $7, Autoresponder - $20) .​
You can visit my website to​ view video tutorials that show you exactly how to​ set up your Information Stand .​
It could not be easier!
Claim your place on the Internet today .​
Leverage your experience and knowledge into a​ stream of​ supplemental retirement income .​
You already have the knowledge needed, just carve out your niche and get going .​
It does not have to​ be perfect .​
In fact, it​ has been said that Imperfect action is​ more productive than perfect inaction! Take your first step today.

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