Let The Internet Help You Keep In Touch

Let The Internet Help You Keep In Touch

Have you​ experienced the​ frustration of​ sending a​ message to​ a​ friend only to​ find it​ bounced back to​ you? Your friend has probably changed their email address and​ forgotten to​ tell you​ about it. if​ it’s someone you​ see at​ the​ pub or​ at​ work, or​ can contact by phone, you​ can just ask them to​ give you​ their new address. if​ email is​ the​ only contact you​ have, however, it​ becomes a​ lot more difficult to​ stay in​ touch.

The internet has brought us tremendous freedom of​ communication and​ competition between internet providers and​ email providers means that it’s never been easier to​ run several email addresses or​ to​ change to​ a​ new address when you​ feel like it. Usually, you’ll send out an​ email to​ let people know that you​ have a​ new email address, but it’s not unusual for​ people to​ be missed off the​ list and​ lose your details.

So once you​ discover you​ can’t contact your friend by email, what do you​ do? you​ can try mutual friends to​ see if​ they can pass the​ address on, or​ you​ can try reunion sites that help you​ to​ get in​ touch with old friends from school, college, work, the​ forces or​ any other groups that you​ might have belonged to. for​ that to​ work though, your friend has to​ be registered and​ there will usually be a​ subscription charge to​ pay before you​ can contact them.

Similarly, if​ you’ve recently changed your own email address, how do you​ make sure you’ve told everyone, or​ that you​ can catch people who try to​ get in​ touch after a​ few years of​ no contact?

The ideal solution is​ also on​ the​ internet: services that let you​ set up a​ single account for​ all your old email addresses. People can find you​ via your old details and​ you​ can be sent a​ message letting you​ know that someone’s trying to​ get in​ touch with you. Whether you​ respond is​ up to​ you​ – after all, there may be some people that you​ don’t want to​ renew your friendship with. But for​ most people, online services like these help you​ to​ ensure that everyone who wants to​ get in​ touch with you​ can; or​ that you​ can find someone you​ thought you’d lost touch with for​ ever.

Let The Internet Help You Keep In Touch

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