Leicester Guide To Shops Shopping

Leicester Guide To Shops Shopping

Leicester city centre has gained a​ reputation as​ a​ top UK shopping destination drawing tourists and​ shoppers from neighbouring cities and​ towns. for​ the​ tourist Leicester has a​ mix of​ high street names, small designer outlets and​ unusual individual shops. Leicester offers a​ huge range of​ choices for​ the​ whole family. It’s also very compact, so you won’t have to​ walk far to​ find all your favourite places behind every turn there is​ an​ exciting place to​ see.

Leicester’s principal shopping centre, the​ Shires is​ home to​ a​ whole host of​ big name stores, including Karen Millen, Next, Haagen Daz, Virgin Megastore, and​ Warehouse. it​ also has two large department stores, Debenhams and​ Rackhams (House of​ Fraser), selling designer brands like Diesel, Paul Smith, Jasper Conran, Calvin Klein, and​ DKNY. the​ shires shopping centre is​ now being extended and​ will boast a​ totally unique shopping experience upon its completion.

Fosse Park is​ a​ huge shopping precinct on the​ ring road of​ Leicester.
The retail park is​ in​ an​ area of​ mixed industrial and​ commercial development, about half a​ mile from Junction 21 of​ the​ M1 (where the​ M69 and​ the​ A4560 (Narborough Road) meet the​ M1). it​ lies just outside the​ city border in​ Blaby District, near the​ Leicester suburbs of​ Braun stone, fosse park boasts a​ large number of​ high street names where locals, visitors and​ tourist can have a​ total outdoor shopping experience, fosse park also has a​ fantastic food court where you can consume a​ simple coffee through to​ jacket potatoes and​ other mouth watering delights.

Haymarket Shopping is​ a​ bright and​ airy two-storey shopping mall offers a​ mixture of​ well-known high street brands. Located in​ the​ heart of​ Leicester, the​ Haymarket Shopping Centre is​ a​ convenient shopping location boasting a​ great variety of​ retailers and​ everything you need for​ a​ fantastic shopping experience

St Martin’s Square & Leicester Lanes are enjoyable places to​ hang out. This charming, cosmopolitan vicinity of​ the​ city centre is​ a​ definite must for​ all visitors and​ tourists. With its small lanes surrounding the​ hub of​ St. Martin’s Square itself, it​ is​ home to​ an​ intriguing variety of​ independent fashion, interior design and​ gift shops.

Gallowtree Gate, Leicester’s lively main shopping pedestrian area is​ where mainstream fashion and​ footwear retailers can be found. This busy pedestrian’s street is​ often buzzing with street entertainers and​ pavement artists.

Humberstone Gate boasts the​ futuristic style Haymarket Towers complex, this wide pedestrianised area is​ also the​ main place for​ city centre events. Fairground rides as​ well as​ street performers attract locals and​ tourists. an​ absolute must for​ any visitor.

Now thriving more than ever before, the​ High Street has recently undergone a​ transformation now offers a​ stylish range of​ shops, which cover areas of​ home interiors as​ well as​ children’s toy shops and​ independent fashion retailers are a​ few to​ mention.

Belvoir Street & Market Street is​ where stylish bars and​ cafes sit amongst intriguing specialist shops. Belvoir Street and​ Market Street offer a​ dynamic mix of​ places from bookshops and​ fine men’s tailors to​ small jewelers and​ confectioners. During the​ later hours of​ the​ day tourist can enjoy the​ buzz of​ the​ local trendy bars and​ restaurants.

There are a​ huge number of​ ladies shops along Belgrave Road, selling everything from plain, simple designs to​ heavily embroidered wedding saris. Vibrant colours integrated within beautiful silks and​ much more. Styles of​ clothing can be very different too, ranging from the​ traditional saris, lengha suits and​ shalwar kameez; a​ Mecca for​ the​ female tourist or​ visitor.

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