Lee Meekcoms Sees Housing And Recreation Trends Shift As Baby Boomers
Enter Retirement

Lee Meekcoms Sees Housing And Recreation Trends Shift As Baby Boomers Enter Retirement

With the first of​ the Baby Boomers cashing Social Security checks, it's not surprising that everyone from real estate investors to​ financial analysts are sitting up and taking notice. The sheer numbers that make up this generation – over 78 million according to​ the U.S. Census Bureau – have made Boomers de facto trendsetters. "Baby Boomers have more accumulated wealth than any previous generation, and they're positioned downstream from a​ river of​ assets that they will inherit from their parents," says Leon D. Meekcoms, President of​ Parkbridge Capital Group, Inc. (www.parkbridgecapital.com), a​ privately held real estate investment, acquisition, and brokerage firm. "Their financial position and increased longevity are translating into decisive new trends in​ the housing industry."

According to​ Meekcoms, whose career in​ real estate sales, acquisition, and development has spanned more than 25 years, the most notable recreational trend among the Boomer demographic are those who termed "splitters," or​ people who have two residences. "Dual season residency is​ skyrocketing, with people choosing to​ go north from the spring to​ the fall and spend other half of​ the year in​ the south," he says. in​ addition, close to​ a​ half million people live and travel full-time in​ their RVs, with millions more dividing their time between RV travel and a​ home base, often in​ a​ manufactured home community or​ RV resort.

In contrast to​ traditional "snowbirds," this generation tends to​ be more active and, like their predecessors, is​ quite cost-conscious. They have a​ reasonable expectation of​ living a​ quarter of​ century and longer in​ retirement or​ semi-retirement, and don't want to​ outlive their money. "While Boomers are affluent, they are smart about how they're going to​ invest and spend, and will plan for the future," says Meekcoms.

This is​ one reason why Parkbridge Capital Group, Inc. has focused on acquiring a​ portfolio of​ manufactured home communities and recreational vehicle resorts. "People want the benefits associated with a​ mobile lifestyle without the high overhead. in​ buying and upgrading these properties to​ maximize investor return, we also provide tenants with a​ splendid environment. in​ short, everyone wins," he says.

Parkbridge Capital is​ a​ prime example of​ a​ company that has positioned itself to​ take advantage of​ the Baby Boomer wave. There aren't a​ massive number of​ larger, quality manufactured home communities and RV resorts, so the market forces of​ supply and demand are almost certain to​ force prices up in​ coming years. in​ the meantime, the company's properties also appeal to​ the growing number of​ Americans who want to​ vacation closer to​ home or​ stay in​ the U.S. "Because of​ gas prices, people are beginning to​ shy away from long trips, and prefer the amenities of​ resorts that are within driving distance of​ their homes, or​ locales where they can stay and recreate for the season," says Meekcoms.

As a​ Baby Boomer himself, he has an​ inside track on this trendsetting generation. "On the whole, we have more time, more money, and better long-term health prospects than previous generations. We want to​ enjoy a​ flexible lifestyle at​ a​ cost that isn't extravagant," he says. "The types of​ properties that our company acquires and owns with our partners are a​ perfect fit for mobile, cost-conscious Boomers who want the best of​ all worlds."

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