Led Emergency Flashlights The Right Equipment For A Car Emergency

Led Emergency Flashlights The Right Equipment For A Car Emergency

The news reported this past year on several families and​ adventurers setting out for​ a​ camping or​ hiking trip in​ the​ northwest only to​ find themselves lost in​ the​ strange wilderness, confined to​ their cars waiting and​ hoping that someone will find them. the​ loss of​ CNET’s James Kim brought awareness to​ the​ ease at​ which people can get lost while driving through the​ forest as​ well as​ the​ need to​ be prepared for​ any situation when driving in​ unfamiliar areas.

It is​ important to​ have a​ few basic emergency supplies in​ your car as​ part of​ an​ emergency kit. Cell phones are by far the​ most helpful piece of​ equipment to​ have with you when you travel, even if​ going to​ remote areas. But cell phone batteries are unreliable and​ many still don’t take one with them when heading into the​ great outdoors. Having other supplies with you in​ the​ car can make all the​ difference in​ staying alive and​ staying safe.

There are many commercial and​ basic emergency kits available. Most of​ these preset packs include jumper cables, reflectors and​ some miscellaneous tools. Higher end models may also include some type of​ emergency air pump that you can plug into your car’s power outlet and​ pump air into a​ flat tire. Some also come with first aid kits.

Weather and​ climate in​ your area or​ the​ area you are traveling may help guide you with putting together other items you may need in​ your emergency kit. a​ shovel can come in​ very handy to​ get your car out of​ snow or​ mud. Some traction substance is​ also important for​ such situations. Kitty litter is​ one of​ the​ most popular types of​ traction. You may also be able to​ carry some remnant carpet strips or​ sand.

One very important component of​ a​ car or​ truck’s emergency kit is​ a​ light source. While a​ decent flashlight might be included in​ the​ kit you bought, you might want to​ look at​ investing in​ a​ longer-lasting, more reliable light. LED flashlights are known for​ being the​ best light source for​ emergency situations. LED lights come in​ various sizes and​ features, including emergency beacons and​ flashing lights. if​ you have room a​ LED headlamp may be a​ good addition for​ hands-free light should you need to​ change a​ tire or​ signal for​ help.

Preserving battery power in​ your car is​ pretty important. Some people may want to​ add a​ spare radio to​ their kit. There are radios on the​ market that do not take batteries. Instead you crank a​ handle on the​ side to​ charge it. a​ good quality blanket is​ going to​ be very important in​ extremely cold weather because it​ is​ unwise to​ keep the​ car running while you wait for​ help. Also include a​ small supply of​ food and​ water.

No one expects to​ be caught in​ an​ emergency situation while traveling. Being prepared none the​ less is​ important to​ you and​ your family’s safety. Before going on your next family camping trip, hiking adventure or​ trip to​ see the​ relatives, put together an​ emergency kit with the​ items described above. Consider your specific travel situation and​ potential needs and​ add accordingly. This important item could make all the​ difference.

~ Ben Anton, 2018

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