Lebanon Casinos

Lebanon Casinos

These are difficult times in​ Lebanon. Still,​ the​ country has seen much political and military upheaval over the​ years,​ and its capital city,​ Beirut,​ retains a​ reputation as​ a​ liberal and fun place,​ as​ suggested by its long-time nickname,​ the​ "Paris of​ the​ North." For gamblers,​ it​ offers a​ haven of​ opportunity in​ an​ area not well endowed with gaming facilities. Indeed,​ Lebanon's only mainland casino,​ the​ largest in​ all the​ Middle East,​ continues to​ attract gamblers despite the​ troubles.

The Casino du Liban (Lebanon Casino) is​ located in​ a​ Christian area about 14 miles north of​ Beirut,​ called Jounieh,​ and it​ has been an​ institution in​ that city since 1959. it​ has a​ turbulent history,​ trading throughout most of​ the​ civil war,​ though it​ ceased operations in​ 1989 for seven years. it​ reopened in​ 1996 after a​ $50 million dollar refurbishment. the​ largest and one of​ the​ grandest casinos in​ the​ entire Middle East,​ it​ boasts an​ amazing 300,​000 square feet of​ gaming and entertainment.

In normal times,​ it​ offers gamblers 400 slot machines and an​ astonishing 57 gaming tables,​ in​ three rooms,​ the​ International,​ the​ Mediterranean,​ and the​ Cercle D'or. These offer American Roulette on​ 26 tables,​ Blackjack on​ 15 tables,​ Caribbean Stud Poker on​ 9 tables,​ and Punto Banco and Stud Poker on​ 7 tables. There are six restaurants for when the​ gambling gets too much - three serving French cuisine,​ evoking Lebanon's historical links with France,​ two international restaurants,​ and one,​ La Terrasse,​ serving local food. the​ opening hours are normally 8 pm to​ 4 am,​ seven days a​ week.

The recent emergency in​ Lebanon meant alterations to​ the​ Lebanon casino,​ but it​ did not close. the​ opening hours were curtailed to​ 1 am,​ and only one of​ the​ three gaming rooms was open. the​ private gaming rooms were unused as​ the​ wealthiest gamblers left the​ city and country. Yet,​ with the​ easing of​ tensions recently,​ the​ casino is​ returning to​ normal,​ and once again is​ offering the​ best in​ gambling and entertainment facilities.

In peaceful times,​ there is​ one other Lebanon casino,​ though it​ is​ not located on​ the​ land. the​ Abou Merhi Cruise ship,​ the​ Orient Queen,​ is​ normally located in​ Beirut (from where it​ begins and finishes cruises). On board,​ it​ offers 32 slot machines and five gaming tables,​ as​ well as​ the​ other facilities you would expect from a​ modern cruise liner. the​ games played are Blackjack,​ Poker,​ and Roulette.

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