Leash Training Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog Training Advice

Leash Training Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog Training Advice

As a​ loving and caring Pit Bull owner,​ you​ will undoubtedly spend a​ lot of​ your time in​ training your dog. you​ will probably do some crate training,​ obedience training,​ maybe even agility training. But,​ one of​ the​ most enjoyable things you​ can do for your Pit Bull is​ leash training. He may not think very highly of​ it​ at​ first,​ but once he has the​ hang of​ it,​ your outside time with him will be much more enjoyable for you​ both. Leash training is​ also an​ important step in​ training your Pit Bull for shows,​ if​ that is​ your ultimate goal.

Most experts recommend that you​ begin leash training your Pit Bull when he is​ around six or​ seven weeks old. Usually at​ this age,​ he will have a​ better attention span,​ and will be up for walks with you.

When you​ first start walking with your Pit Bull puppy,​ you​ may want to​ allow the​ puppy some freedom at​ first,​ so that he can explore his area and play. the​ training at​ this time will be teaching your Pit Bull puppy to​ stay with you​ during your walk,​ and come when you​ call him. By letting the​ puppy explore,​ and then calling his name,​ he will learn that you​ want him to​ come back to​ you. it​ is​ important to​ praise and reward your Pit Bull puppy when he does come when you​ call him. Some trainers will use treats to​ get the​ puppy to​ follow them at​ first. Due to​ his short attention span,​ you​ shouldn’t expect this to​ work for long. you​ should give the​ puppy a​ treat,​ and let him go play,​ then try again a​ little later. By using treats and rewards,​ and being patient,​ your Pit Bull puppy will catch on​ fairly quickly.

When your Pit Bull puppy has mastered the​ walk without a​ leash,​ and coming to​ you​ when you​ call him,​ you​ can probably begin training him on​ a​ lead. Most veterinarians will recommend starting with a​ nylon collar before trying a​ choker collar. Most of​ the​ time,​ the​ choker collar isn’t needed,​ unless you​ have a​ very strong willed Pit Bull.

Usually the​ best place to​ start leash training is​ your own backyard. the​ Pit Bull puppy is​ probably already very familiar with this area now,​ so he will be less focused on​ exploring,​ and more on​ training. you​ also don’t have to​ worry about other animals on​ the​ scene,​ as​ you​ would at​ a​ park or​ local walking track.

Again,​ when you​ have the​ collar on​ and are ready to​ begin,​ bend down and offer a​ treat to​ get your Pit Bull puppy to​ come to​ you. After successfully doing this a​ few times,​ start to​ walk a​ little with the​ puppy on​ the​ leash. if​ your Pit Bull puppy follows you,​ praise him and give him a​ treat. in​ the​ event he doesn’t follow,​ which often is​ the​ case the​ first time around,​ start all over again. Once he starts to​ follow you​ without resistance,​ try walking a​ little bit further each time. Your Pit Bull puppy will soon learn to​ be lead,​ without him even noticing he is​ doing something he may not want to​ do.

Continue working with your Pit Bull often,​ as​ any training should be ongoing. the​ more training and practice your Pit Bull gets,​ the​ more accustomed to​ the​ leash he will become.

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