Learning To See Challenges As Opportunities

Learning To See Challenges As Opportunities

Are you a​ person who loves challenges, or​ hates them? I must admit I've spent most of​ my life as​ a​ person who hates them. I always thought of​ challenges as​ frustrating, maddening obstacles keeping me from where I want to​ be. I even used to​ take them personally, feeling like the universe must hate me and like to​ see me struggle. ;-)

As I grow older and (hopefully) wiser - I find my competitive nature rising up to​ meet these challenges, and I'm learning to​ see them differently. Most of​ us know that great rewards require great sacrifice and effort. You know the old saying that nothing worthwhile comes easy? in​ a​ sense that's true. if​ everything we wanted was handed to​ us, we probably wouldn't have alot of​ appreciation for it. On the other hand, when we work hard for something and then see it​ manifest before our eyes, we get such a​ powerful sense of​ pride and accomplishment. We can point to​ it​ and say, "I did that. it​ was tough, but I did it​ anyway."

Challenges are truly opportunities. Opportunities to​ grow and learn, to​ strengthen ourselves, to​ test ourselves and our faith. They reveal how badly we want to​ create the dreams in​ our hearts, and how hard we're willing to​ work for them. This is​ such a​ blessing. it​ may not seem that way at​ first, but with a​ tiny shift in​ attitude, we can see that we have been handed an​ incredible opportunity.

The next time life hands you a​ challenge, stop and consider for a​ moment what it​ means. is​ the universe saying "no", or​ "I want you to​ try harder?" Don't look at​ challenges as​ an​ end, look at​ them as​ a​ door leading to​ your heart's desires. That door might be locked, but you have the key. Maybe you forgot where you put the key, or​ you forgot that you even had it​ to​ begin with. it​ might take some effort and patience to​ find it​ again - or​ you might even have to​ create a​ new one, but believe that you will, even if​ you're not sure how yet.

I'm learning that it's not important to​ have all the answers right now. When challenges rise up before us, we may not know how to​ get around them, or​ through them. it​ might seem hopeless at​ first. Challenges can seem so overwhelming when we don't have a​ solution. However, life itself is​ very much like this too. Sometimes life is​ akin to​ bumping around in​ a​ dark room, trying to​ find the light switch. it​ is​ possible to​ get through the room without finding the light switch immediately, we just need to​ step slowly and carefully. Moment to​ moment, we find our way.

Rather than giving up when obstacles appear in​ your path, look at​ them as​ welcome challenges. The biggest challenge is​ choosing your own attitude. Will you get flustered and angry, or​ will you get excited and determined? Will you lay down and cry, or​ will you roll up your sleeves and get to​ work? Some of​ us take on a​ victim mentality when obstacles arise, and I can see why this happens. it​ does feel like the universe is​ picking on us, doesn't it? :-) I think we've all been there!

Why not change your mindset and think of​ obstacles as​ a​ personal challenge? Rather than feeling like the universe is​ picking on you, challenge yourself to​ figure out a​ solution. Say to​ yourself, "Okay, such and such has happened, now what am I going to​ do about it"? Put your problem-solving skills to​ work.

Once we begin to​ change our attitude about obstacles and challenges, they can actually become fun. Our competitive human nature rises up and gets ready to​ win, no matter what. We develop a​ steely determination to​ not be beaten.

In fact, I like to​ pretend there is​ a​ great critic in​ the sky who laughs mockingly at​ me and says, "You can't do that." I simply grin wickedly, roll up my sleeves and say, "Watch me!"

Learning To See Challenges As Opportunities

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