Learning Spanish Mental Preparation A Guide To Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish Mental Preparation A Guide To Learning Spanish

In the last article; ‘Anybody can learn Spanish’ I talked about the different reasons why people might decide to​ learn Spanish. I also talked about the great sense of​ achievement that learning another language can bring you. in​ this article I am going to​ talk about the different things you should consider before embarking on such a​ crusade.

I think a​ lot of​ people believe that learning another language won’t actually be that difficult. Well, maybe it​ won’t be for some, but if​ like me you have never tried to​ learn a​ foreign language before then it​ may well turn out to​ be one of​ the most challenging things that you are ever likely to​ attempt. of​ course I don’t want to​ put anybody off, after all, in​ my last article I said that anybody can do it. Well, I absolutely believe this, but I also believe that you should realistically think about how and when learning Spanish can be achieved for you.

Of course not everyone is​ the same. Some of​ us are better at​ doing some things than other people are. So, it​ stands to​ reason that learning Spanish might be easier for one person than it​ is​ for another. The truth is​ that learning a​ new language can be achieved by possessing any number of​ different skills. There is​ no proven formula for learning a​ new language that 100% works for everybody! What you need to​ think about is​ what methods work best for you.

When I first started to​ think about how and when I would learn Spanish I honestly thought it​ was going to​ be easier than it​ actually was. I think one reason was because I was comparing myself to​ the millions of​ Europeans that fluently speak English. Anyone who has been to​ Germany, or​ Scandinavia will know that pretty much everybody can speak English. I thought if​ so many of​ them can learn a​ new language then it​ couldn’t be that difficult!

Now, when I think about Europeans speaking English I realise that they are so good at​ it​ because they have been learning it​ practically since they started to​ learn their own languages. This is​ certainly one of​ the key things that you need to​ realise about learning Spanish. it​ will not happen overnight. it​ is​ a​ process that can literally takes years.

Some languages might be considered more difficult to​ learn than others but of​ course this is​ all relative. it​ is​ true however, that the structure and functionality of​ some languages are more similar to​ each other than they are to​ others. The structure of​ the French language for example more closely mimics the structure of​ the Spanish language than it​ does English.

I spent a​ few days on a​ trip to​ ‘El salar de Uyuni’ (a salt lake), in​ Bolivia with a​ French girl. Most of​ the time we spoke in​ English but we were able to​ have basic conversations in​ Spanish too. I didn’t realise until the end of​ the trip that she had only been learning Spanish for a​ month and yet she was almost as​ good as​ I was!!

If you can already speak another language then perhaps learning Spanish will be easier for you. Even if​ it​ isn’t then at​ least you will already be prepared for the learning experience that you are about to​ embark on.

At this stage you might well be thinking, how can I prepare myself for the learning experience that I am about to​ embark of​ if​ I have never tried to​ learn a​ different language before? How can I prepare myself for the challenges ahead if​ I don’t even know what the challenges are? The reality is​ that your not going to​ know how difficult or​ easy learning Spanish might be until you actually get started. All I really want to​ emphasise at​ this point is​ that you shouldn’t underestimate how difficult and frustrating it​ might turn out to​ be. Patience is​ the key!

Of course you should be very positive and excited about learning Spanish, after all if​ you don’t enjoy doing it​ then what is​ the point! Learning Spanish could be one of​ the most amazing and fulfilling experiences that you have ever had. it​ certainly has been for me. Believe me, learning Spanish could open new doors in​ your life that you had never before thought possible.

In the next article I intend to​ talk about some of​ the first steps that I took in​ my path to​ learning Spanish. I mentioned in​ the previous article that one of​ the main reasons I wanted to​ learn Spanish was because I was about to​ embark on a​ long trip to​ Central and South America. My first steps began before this trip was about to​ take place. I didn’t want to​ leave England without knowing anything!

Learning Spanish Mental Preparation A Guide To Learning Spanish

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