Learning Spanish Financing Your Spanish Education

Learning Spanish Financing Your Spanish Education

A couple of​ years ago, an​ American lady came to​ Guanajuato to​ learn Spanish. She enrolled in​ one of​ the most expensive schools in​ town. This school is​ good, by the way, and I always recommend it​ to​ people who want to​ come study Spanish in​ Guanajuato. This poor woman was a​ rank beginner. When she arrived, she was put in​ a​ class commensurate with her level; only the class was in​ the middle of​ the beginning class cycle.

In other words, when you enroll in​ a​ local, private Spanish school, you may not be put into a​ class that is​ exactly at​ the level at​ which you tested. if​ you are a​ rank beginner and need to​ be taught how to​ pronounce the Spanish alphabet and learn the phonetics, you will not necessarily land in​ a​ class with students at​ the same point as​ you. You will be put in​ a​ beginner's class but at​ what point in​ the class cycle is​ in​ will depend on when you show up. it​ isn't like beginning a​ language course at​ a​ university where day one, everyone begins at​ the same point and is​ studying the same material as​ the class proceeds.

This poor dear was totally lost. All the input she received in​ this beginning class was absolutely above and beyond her. There was no "comprehensible input" for her, although she was in​ a​ beginning class.

This is​ a​ total waste of​ your time and money. Wouldn't you want to​ know that before you end up flushing your money down a​ Guanajuato Spanish School toilet?

The school she attended is​ not cheap. it​ is​ good and you pay for good.

What to​ Do

Come to​ Guanajuato expecting to​ become fluent at​ these Spanish schools and you will leave sorely disappointed. Before you spend a​ small fortune coming here expecting to​ become fluent, try to​ develop as​ much spoken fluency in​ Spanish as​ you can. You will get a​ better return on your money in​ a​ Guanajuato Spanish school if​ you do. And, don't enroll in​ a​ classroom situation in​ the States. Do a​ home study course in​ the privacy of​ your home.

Commercially Available Products

Pimsleur Spanish

Rocket Spanish

Learning Spanish Like Crazy

Financing Your Spanish Adventure

If you check Ebay.com, you can often pick up all three levels of​ the Pimsleur Spanish course at​ a​ great discount. Then, you can turn around and sell them through Ebay.com to​ come up with the funds for Rocket Spanish and Learning Spanish Like Crazy.

I bought level one of​ Pimsleur Spanish, went through it, and then sold it​ so I could buy level two. I repeated the process until I got through level three of​ the Pimsleur course.

You can download both Rocket Spanish and Learning Spanish Like Crazy for about $97.00, burn it​ on your own CD's, and you will have saved a​ considerable amount rather than buying them wholesale. These companies actually encourage you to​ do this.

You will end up with a​ tremendous amount of​ Spanish by going through these courses first. Then, you will be prepared for a​ stint in​ Guanajuato studying or​ just hanging out. You will do well with your Spanish.

Look, visiting central Mexico is​ not a​ breeze. it​ is​ not designed for Gringo comfort, as​ are Puerto Vallarta and other resorts. You are not going to​ find a​ covey of​ resort staff hovering over you to​ make you have a​ good time.

Central Mexico is​ real Mexico and you will see and hear things that might shake you to​ your soul if​ you are not prepared.

So, tell me, what's better…to hear the truth or​ come here and find out you may have flushed a​ lot of​ money down the toilet. You can't count the cost and be willing to​ pay the price if​ you don't know what that cost is.

Those who count the cost and are willing to​ pay the price will not be those who go back home after vacationing in​ Mexico and mean-mouth the city they visited. After all, they knew what to​ expect BEFORE coming.

And, that's why I write what I do.

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