Learn Your Skin Care Facts

Learn Your Skin Care Facts

Learn Your Skin Care Facts
Maintaining a​ healthy skin is​ important in​ today’s imageconscious society . ​
So how do you​ go about it?
Skin is​ the​ largest organ in​ our body and​ the​ body’s first layer of​ protection against the​ environment . ​
Besides good skin is​ the​ most important ingredient in​ physical beauty . ​
Ask the​ supermodels if​ you​ don’t think so!
All this makes proper skin care very important for​ a​ human being . ​
Every day our environment inflicts a​ lot of​ damage on​ the​ skin from exposure to​ pollutants,​ sunlight,​ ultra violet rays,​ etc . ​
and​ we​ add to​ that by using skin care products that are not very skinfriendly,​ through our ignorance . ​

Choosing the​ best skin care product should be a​ very important part of​ your skin care routine . ​
This is​ easier said that done . ​
There is​ no lack of​ skin care products in​ the​ market shelves though having a​ good skin is​ still a​ distant dream for​ many . ​
Choosing the​ right skin care product from all those colorful products vying for​ your attention on​ the​ supermarket shelves is​ often a​ very difficult task . ​
the​ flashy ads in​ magazines and​ billboards of​ supermodels endorsing various brands of​ skin care products isn’t of​ much help either when you​ are trying to​ choose the​ best skin care product for​ you . ​

What is​ the​ ideal skin care routine? a​ healthy and​ glowing skin is​ the​ desired product of​ any skin care regime . ​

The first step towards healthy skin is​ a​ clean skin . ​
Any skin care routine starts with a​ cleansing process . ​
Washing your face after you’ve been out is​ important,​ as​ facial skin is​ most exposed to​ the​ dust and​ grime in​ the​ atmosphere . ​
But do not over do it,​ as​ excessive use of​ soap and​ other cleansers may lead to​ the​ secretion of​ excess oil and​ cause eruptions or​ lesions on​ your face . ​
This is​ especially so if​ you​ have oily skin . ​

Drinking plenty of​ water daily is​ good for​ your skin as​ it​ helps get rid of​ toxins in​ the​ body . ​
a​ balanced diet with the​ right servings of​ fruits and​ vegetables is​ also essential for​ maintaining a​ healthy skin . ​

Acne is​ the​ most common skin care problem affecting people,​ especially teenagers . ​
the​ medical name for​ this condition is​ ‘Acne vulgaris . ​
’ Acne is​ a​ skin condition that occurs when the​ dead skin cells and​ the​ oil clogs the​ skin pores . ​
Usually acne is​ seen to​ fade in​ the​ late 20s but some people,​ mostly women,​ face this problem even in​ the​ 40s and​ 50s . ​

The main cause of​ acne is​ the​ hormonal changes . ​
Especially in​ teenagers,​ the​ sebaceous glands become overactive and​ secrete excess oil,​ which then blocks the​ pores in​ the​ skin . ​
This,​ in​ turn,​ leads to​ inflammation and​ redness of​ the​ skin causing acne . ​
the​ majority of​ those affected by acne only experience it​ in​ a​ mild form,​ but severe acne could lead to​ emotional and​ physical scarring . ​

Poor hygiene or​ increased stress levels are not,​ as​ is​ popularly believed,​ the​ cause of​ acne,​ though they may aggravate the​ problem . ​
There are now excellent treatments available to​ treat acne and​ produce the​ desired results . ​
Physicians treat acne based on​ the​ patient’s skin characteristics and​ nature of​ lesions . ​

For proper skin care it​ is​ important that one understands one’s skin type . ​
There are mainly three skin types dry,​ oily,​ and​ normal skin . ​
When you​ choose skin care products,​ keep in​ mind that they should be chosen depending on​ your skin type . ​

Remember,​ first impression is​ always the​ best impression . ​
and​ your skin plays a​ very important role in​ how others perceive you . ​

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