Learn The Web Design Basics Part 1

Learn The Web Design Basics Part 1

Let’s start from the​ basic…

I’m pretty aware that you can find thousands of​ articles on web design, but how many exactly can help you learning the​ basics of​ web design and​ sharpening the​ web design skills. Yes, you can get, but still you can get something out of​ world statement that may leave wondering the​ things. No one knows you and​ your web design skills better than your TL (i.e. Team Leader). So here I’ve just tried to​ type in​ my personal experience as​ Web Design TL in​ Modulesoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – a​ leading web development and​ design company in​ India.


Basics are basics and​ they remain for​ ever as​ the​ step 1 to​ something big set on the​ top. Every individual has his/her own strategy or​ way to​ achieve the​ top slot, but the​ basics for​ everybody remain always same. Here follows some of​ the​ web design basics:


Think Small:-

Technology is​ all about making things faster and​ safer and​ web users too are addicted such tendencies. So as​ web designer you should not deviate from the​ highway; otherwise you will be left behind in​ your profession and​ your outcome would not be considered as​ worthy and​ up to​ the​ STANDARD. I would say Thinking Smaller is​ the​ best way to​ deal with the​ point. On the​ one hand number of​ broad band users are increasing, but we should not consulate ourselves that big images won’t affect the​ overall performance of​ the​ site as​ slow pages are still point of​ annoyance for​ web users. Big images cause a​ page slow downloading. Here you can use small images and​ thus you can design a​ very fast loading page.

Stock Photos:-

What you like doesn’t matter to​ the​ users. I mean to​ explain that if​ you love your son a​ lot and​ put his lovely picture on your dog care site, and​ that won’t impress your users except your family members. You should use relevant stock photos to​ your business. Sometimes images say a​ lot instead of​ words and​ as​ a​ web designer we should not forget about this. Our negligence can cost heavier later on.

Say NO to​ Blinking Images:-

Banners are banners and​ they have different objective and​ on the​ other hand stock photos are stock photos for​ a​ website and​ there should not be any mess up. Research says that blinking pictures never improves your CTR (Click through Rate). Another disadvantage of​ using flashy images is​ that the​ image overshadows the​ rest of​ the​ page. as​ a​ result the​ visitor won’t be going deeper into the​ website and​ your client may loose more business.

Standard Layouts:-

Designing long page is​ not a​ good idea. it​ would be better if​ you keep the​ page length in​ between one scroll length of​ browser window. Some web designers use multiple scrollable areas in​ a​ single page. This not only create for​ your visitors and​ it​ keeps your visitor engaged in​ the​ whole page quickly and​ longer period of​ time as​ well as​ for​ the​ search engine ranking.

Here the​ discussion doesn’t end. I’ll be writing sequels to​ this article. Keep reading and​ visiting my profile. if​ you are interested in​ our web design service, then please visit our site Modulesoft.com.

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