Learn To Skydive With Accelerated Freefall Programs In New Jersey

Learn To Skydive With Accelerated Freefall Programs In New Jersey

A safe and​ convenient way to​ begin skydiving is​ the​ tandem jump. if​ you get hooked to​ the​ thrill of​ freefall then consider doing a​ course in​ accelerated freefall and​ skydive solo.

Attend a​ basic training program and​ get ready to​ make a​ tandem jump and​ discover the​ joy of​ skydiving. New Jersey’s extreme sports centers offer skydiving for​ beginners and​ experts and​ allow you to​ complete programs that enable you to​ jump solo. You don’t have to​ worry about safety issues as​ you will be harnessed to​ an​ experienced and​ licensed jumpmaster and​ are assured a​ smooth descent on the​ square parachutes used for​ sport parachuting.

Skydive Jersey Shore

Enjoy 60 seconds of​ freefall followed by 5-7 minutes of​ smooth descent. Skydive Jersey Shore allows you to​ make your first tandem jump at​ $195 on weekdays and​ $215 on weekend. On offer are special deals for​ groups, so plan a​ group jump with family and​ friends and​ make it​ a​ day that none of​ you will ever forget. What is​ more is​ that you can record this unforgettable experience on tape or​ DVD and​ enjoy watching it​ at​ home over and​ over again. it​ is​ mandatory that you be over 18 years of​ age and​ in​ good physical condition and​ should weigh no more than 220lbs.

Finding the​ Extreme Sports Center

If you are driving down then take the​ Exit 98 on Garden State Parkway and​ travel North on Route 34. Make a​ left at​ the​ first traffic light into Hurleys Pond Road. Drive about 100 yards to​ the​ entrance of​ the​ airport and​ follow the​ signs to​ the​ Skydive Jersey Shore. You can also take the​ New Jersey Transit Train to​ Belmar and​ take a​ cab to​ the​ extreme sports center.

Freefall Adventures

Situated at​ the​ Cross Keys Airport, Freefall Adventures is​ open seven days a​ week and​ promises to​ make your experience of​ skydiving an​ impressive one. Enjoy the​ thrill of​ 60 seconds of​ freefall followed by a​ smooth ride down for​ about 5-7 minutes as​ you enjoy the​ view around and​ under you. Your first tandem jump costs $149. Also offered here is​ the​ extreme tandem skydive where you jump from a​ turbine helicopter whilst it​ hovers. for​ jumpers who want to​ pursue skydiving more seriously there is​ an​ AFF program that once completed successfully allows you to​ jump solo.

Directions to​ the​ Extreme Sports Center

Freefall Adventures is​ at​ 300 Dahlia Avenue, Williamstown. if​ driving in​ from Philadelphia select either the​ Walt Whitman or​ Ben Franklin Bridge to​ RT 42 and​ follow it​ till the​ Atlantic City Expressway where you take Exit 41 (Berlin Cross keys) and​ stay right and​ drive past Home Depot. When you reach the​ Tuckahoe Rd. traffic light make a​ left and​ then take a​ third right on Dahlia Avenue; a​ short drive finds you at​ Freefall Adventures.

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