Learn How To Write A Screenplay That Actually Gets Made

Almost everyone thinks they know how to​ write a​ screenplay. We’ve all heard someone watching TV saying “I could write a​ better script than that”!

The truth is​ that just about everyone does have a​ story worth telling. Unfortunately most do NOT know how to​ write a​ screenplay.

Most professional artists are very particular about their tools. The screenplay writer is​ no different. The key to​ writing is​ being organized. Before even writing a​ single word, you must have an​ inner road map that your characters are going to​ follow.

If you are writing a​ novel, you CAN take the time to​ ramble and develop your descriptive talents. a​ screenwriter cannot!

Just like any muscle, the writing ‘muscle’ has to​ be exercised on a​ regular basis. The simple process of​ sitting in​ front of​ a​ computer for set periods of​ time is​ critical in​ training the subconscious that THIS time is​ when you are going to​ call on your creativity. in​ order to​ learn how to​ write a​ screenplay you have to​ understand STRUCTURE. Unlike a​ novelist, you do not have the luxury of​ allowing your script to​ develop into 300 plus pages. it​ will not get read if​ it​ does not conform to​ an​ industry standard of​ around 110 pages.

The structure of​ most contemporary screenplays: 1) Establish the character and general situation, 2) force them up a​ tree and throw rocks at​ him and 3) get the hero down again.

Firstly: you get the audience to​ know something about the character and his situation.

Secondly: a​ situation must be created that goes against your characters comfort zone. He must have a​ nemesis trying to​ destroy everything he stands for. This ‘bad’ guy takes pleasure putting your hero up that tree and making it​ as​ uncomfortable as​ possible.

Thirdly: our hero needs to​ overcome all odds and ‘payoff’ the bad guy.

If it​ really is​ that simple, then why isn’t everyone a​ screenwriter? The answer is​ they do not know how to​ write a​ screenplay.

So let us say that you have a​ clear idea of​ what your three acts are going to​ be. Well now you begin to​ develop the characters. They have to​ play off each other and either support or​ destroy our main character. Any time the characters are neutral, the screenplay is​ dead. Just remember: conflict equals drama. No conflict, no drama.

So what does it​ take to​ become a​ screenwriter, besides learning how to​ write a​ screenplay? it​ takes discipline – to​ sit at​ your workplace, even when you are not sure what you are going to​ write. it​ takes having a​ thick skin, so that when the inevitable rejections come, you do not BELIEVE in​ their judgment as​ to​ your potential. it​ takes major BELIEF in​ yourself. But MOST of​ all it​ takes LUCK!

The film industry is​ littered with great scripts that never got made. - Directors fall out with producers. a​ great idea yesterday turns into a​ pariah today. The studio that WAS going to​ make your picture has changed hands and the new studio head wants to​ stamp his own directorial policy on his new position – and you were chosen by the previous head! There are a​ million legitimate reasons why Hollywood should not immediately fall at​ your feet – but YOU are going to​ overcome this. if​ you do not believe this, then do not even attempt to​ learn how to​ write a​ screenplay! if​ you DO believe in​ yourself, then hey – why shouldn’t you be the one that gets lucky?!

So yes, learning how to​ write a​ screenplay isn’t so difficult. The difficult part comes AFTER you have written the screenplay.

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