Learn The 10 Secrets To An Award Winning Web Site

Learn The 10 Secrets To An Award Winning Web Site

1. Clearly define what you wish to​ achieve
What are your goals and​ what does your site need to​ achieve? What is​ its purpose? Branding, marketing, lead generator, sales channel Integrate online with offline. Know your audience and​ who they are? What do they want? They want a​ useful website and​ useful information, friendliness, efficiency, good service

2. Don't be pushed around
Don't let marketing people, arty web designers push you into "bleeding edge" web design. Ask yourself the​ question does it​ add to​ my sites functionality? Does it​ make it​ easier for​ your customers?

3. Make the​ most of​ your cyber world real estate
Don't - Waste it​ with filler, splash pages, unnecessary content or​ welcome messages.
Do - State clearly your company's point of​ difference. Important links upfront, include search, minimise use of​ animation or​ scrolling.

4. Establish your credibility
You only have one chance to​ make ANY kind of​ impression and​ provide easy to​ find products, an​ easy way to​ buy or​ contact information. Give visitors a​ sense of​ your credibility that you are a​ trustworthy and​ a​ legitimate operation.

5. Take ownership
Make sure you assign someone to​ take ownership of​ your site! Keep it​ updated and​ fresh not just for​ your customers but for​ the​ search engines. Answer emails promptly.

6. Keep it​ simple
Don't use in-house terms or​ confusing language. You’d be amazed at​ how much jargon you use when speaking about your business. Get your we writing checked by a​ professional.

7. Talk to​ your visitors
Establish a​ way for​ people to​ sign up for​ email newsletters. Keep in​ touch with customers, but only when you have something to​ say.

8. Give it​ personality
People love to​ know they are dealing with real people. Tailor the​ tone. if​ appropriate, write your content in​ a​ personal manor.

9. Tell people about your website
Include the​ URL on every piece of​ paper communication put it​ on brochures, letterheads, business cards, pens…..

10. Continual Improvement
Don't let your site stagnate. Just like you as​ a​ business owner, a​ website requires continual improvements to​ keep it​ up to​ date so it​ can be as​ successful as​ possible. Keep an​ eye on competition. Test and​ measure and​ test and​ measure after testing and​ measuring. Don't do new stuff, just because it's new.

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