Lazy Wealth Myth Or Fact

Lazy Wealth Myth Or Fact

Everyone has seen the​ websites portraying smiling people standing beside expensive cars, or​ relaxing on an​ exotic beach. the​ ‘squeeze page’ promises that these people are earning vast amounts of​ money while they sleep. Not only that, there is​ no risk, no work, and​ no effort needed to​ earn this money.

These sites usually play on people’s desires and​ needs. They rarely spend time telling the​ prospective business owner what is​ involved in​ the​ business. Instead they promise that they will spend time with their grandchildren, vacation for​ weeks every year, pay off all their debts, and​ enjoy life.

The problem is, there are opportunities on the​ web that may require a​ year or​ two, or​ five, of​ time investment then ‘bang’ they explode over night. the​ business owner rides the​ wave and​ is​ set for​ life. That doesn’t mean the​ wave continues forever, but sometimes it​ does. the​ trick is​ to​ identify which types of​ cyberspace businesses do keep their promises, and​ which are myths

Myth One: Make it​ and​ They Will Come

Those of​ us with successful businesses laugh at​ this. it​ is​ good for​ the​ ‘laugh of​ the​ day.’ Even drop shipping companies have a​ lot of​ promotion, marketing, and​ paperwork involved.


A brick and​ mortar business takes five years before it​ pays - a​ cyberspace business can take 2 months to​ five years. This is​ a​ business management fact. Search engines dump static websites fairly quickly. People flock to​ forums - not websites. And, selling on the​ net is​ hard.

Myth Two: MLM Equals Unlimited Residual Income

MLM income is​ built on three factors: new purchases, recruiting a​ down-line, and​ ongoing purchases. in​ order to​ build a​ "residual" income, the​ business owner must aggressively recruit, train and​ motivate a​ sufficient number of​ leaders who can continue the​ process in​ growing numbers.


Unfortunately, this is​ hard, because most of​ the​ people in​ the​ down-line expect those above them to​ do all the​ work. Motivating can be hard. it​ takes education and​ communication skills to​ consistently motivate a​ large number of​ people, and​ the​ success rate is​ low.

When a​ Leader does find a​ good member, they quickly learn that these MLM junkies are in​ it​ for​ the​ entertainment value and​ the​ quick buck. They hop from one MLM program to​ another, always looking for​ the​ Pot of​ Gold.

Myth Three: Joint Ventures Produce Wealth

Joint Ventures involve businesses with products for​ sale, and​ webmasters with portals. in​ theory, these people combine and​ build unprecedented wealth. Each one only does a​ fraction of​ the​ work, but somehow, they all enjoy the​ lion’s share of​ the​ profit.


It is​ difficult to​ find a​ good partner who will maintain their side of​ the​ venture. Most cyberspace business owners lose interest, or​ fail to​ take their business seriously. They ‘take’ without ‘giving.’ in​ the​ long run, they drain your business’s resources and​ time, leaving the​ serious business owners in​ worse shape than if​ they tried to​ run their businesses themselves.

Myth Four: Hire People to​ Run Your Business

There is​ so much wealth that you can hire professionals with a​ successful track record that spans years, and​ only pay them a​ commission. These people will each bring their expertise to​ the​ company, giving 110% and​ follow with cult-loyalty because you can make them rich.


These professionals do not need a​ small business to​ help them - they are already working with businesses that generate millions of​ hits a​ month, and​ are earning royalties, residual income, and​ free promotion, as​ well as​ the​ right to​ market their own products.

Lazy Wealth Myth Or Fact

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