Lawsuit Loan Companies

Lawsuit Loan Companies

Lawsuit Loan Companies
Litigation can be extremely expensive,​ and occasionally even people who have strong cases simply cannot afford to​ start a​ lawsuit .​
Lawsuit financing can help by providing some funds .​
Companies that provide these loans usually do not require credit checks,​ monthly payments,​ notes,​ or​ any other security .​
Frequently,​ claimants have missed work or​ lost their jobs and can no longer meet their rent or​ automobile payments .​
In the​ past,​ these claimants have needed to​ accept lesser settlement amounts due to​ pressing financial difficulties .​
Now,​ clients can sustain their personal lives and give the​ attorney the​ necessary time to​ achieve the​ full value of​ the​ case .​
There are a​ handful of​ companies that provide lawsuit funding .​
For more information on​ these lawsuit loan companies please visit .​
Each company provides funding that is​ specific to​ their criteria .​
All lawsuit-funding companies will provide funding for personal injury lawsuits .​
But it​ is​ more rare to​ find one that will fund commercial and other non- personal injury lawsuit cases .​

One such company is​ the​ Legal Advances .​
On contacting Legal Advances,​ the​ client will be required to​ go through an​ application process that involves submitting information and providing the​ attorney's contact information .​
Within 48 hours,​ the​ client and the​ attorney should have an​ answer .​
If Legal Advances agrees to​ provide a​ lawsuit cash advance,​ then that will be the​ extent of​ their involvement in​ the​ case .​
They do not provide legal advice or​ services,​ nor do they have anything to​ do with the​ strategy of​ the​ court case .​
They may,​ however,​ check in​ with the​ attorney from time to​ time to​ see how the​ case is​ going .​
Global Financial is​ another company that deals with personal injury and worker compensation legal claims .​
This company offers a​ low cost lawsuit loan or​ cash advance against pending lawsuit settlements .​
Global Financial will review the​ merits of​ an​ applicant’s legal claim and determine the​ chance and size of​ a​ financial recovery .​
They then offer the​ claimant a​ small percentage of​ the​ total value of​ their claim in​ return for an​ assignment of​ a​ portion of​ the​ potential future proceeds in​ the​ claim .​
If there is​ no financial recovery from the​ claim,​ then the​ funding company receives nothing .​
This makes lawsuit loans very risky and actually more of​ a​ venture capital investment than an​ actual loan as​ the​ name suggests .​
Rates will vary depending upon the​ risk .​
Lawsuit funding companies will generally finance up to​ 10% to​ 15% of​ the​ potential settlement value .​
For example,​ if​ the​ case has a​ potential value of​ $100,​000,​ the​ client can expect a​ funding offer of​ $10,​000 to​ $15,​000 .​
Lawsuit funding companies carefully analyze the​ cases they choose to​ fund .​
They must like the​ lawyer as​ well as​ the​ potential settlement value .​
Lawsuit funding is​ available in​ most states and can ensure that even a​ person in​ dire financial straits can see a​ meritorious lawsuit through to​ its just conclusion.

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