Laser Printers Or Inkjet Printers A Buyers Guide

Laser Printers Or Inkjet Printers A Buyers Guide

Laser Printers or​ Inkjet Printers? a​ Buyers Guide
Should you buy an​ inkjet or​ a​ laser printer? Often people buying a​ new printer are confused about whether to​ buy a​ laser printer or​ inkjet printer .​
The short answer is​ it​ depends on what you’ll be using it​ for, and how much you’ll be using it.
Inkjet printers have a​ lower initial purchase cost but cost more to​ run because the ink is​ more expensive when measured on a​ per page basis .​
Laser printers cost more but their running costs are lower and they have a​ better print quality because in​ general they have a​ higher resolution (expressed in​ dots per inch - dpi).
If you want to​ print photos at​ home however, you are best to​ choose a​ photo quality inkjet printer.
Inkjets are great for home use and for photo printing .​
Lasers are good for high-volume applications, like offices, or​ for applications that need high print quality.
Inkjet printers transfer tiny droplets of​ ink directly to​ the page .​
a​ laser printer creates an​ electrostatic pattern on a​ drum that attracts ink powder that is​ subsequently fused onto the paper .​
This is​ more complex technology so means a​ higher price than for an​ inkjet printer.
If you examine the same page printed on both a​ laser printer and an​ inkjet, you will be able to​ see that the characters on the laser printer produced page are sharper .​
That said however, inkjet printers are getting better all the time in​ terms of​ the sharpness of​ printed characters.
Another aspect to​ consider is​ how heavily you will be using a​ printer .​
Printer manufacturers express the durability of​ a​ printer in​ terms of​ duty cycle in​ pages per month.
For example, a​ typical laser printer will be capable of​ a​ duty cycle up to​ 7,000 pages a​ month while a​ typical entry level inkjet printer is​ capable of​ up to​ 500 pages per month.
Some of​ the more recent inkjets provide excellent color clarity and brightness, and are very well suited for printing photographs.
While inkjet printers themselves are cheaper, their ink is​ more expensive per page printed .​
Ink cartridges need to​ be replaced fairly often if​ you print a​ lot, especially if​ you’re printing pictures or​ photos.
The manufacturer’s stated pages per cartridge measurements are very much dependent on what you printing .​
They are based on only a​ small percentage of​ the page actually being covered in​ ink.

Toner cartridges for laser printers have a​ higher unit price than inkjet cartridges, but have a​ higher capacity so that the cost per page is​ lower for lasers.

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