Las Vegas Is Home To The Mgm Grand Casino

Las Vegas Is Home To The Mgm Grand Casino

Las Vegas is​ a​ town where there never seems to​ be a​ bored person. the​ city offers such an​ array of​ nightclubs that anyone can get out and enjoy the​ nightlife. Whether you are out to​ meet someone,​ go dancing or​ just sit around in​ a​ lounge,​ there are plenty of​ venues to​ choose from.

Probably the​ most popular and famous of​ all the​ nightclubs in​ Vegas is​ Studio 54 at​ the​ MGM Grand. it​ boasts some of​ the​ most luxurious accommodation in​ hotel life. the​ Grand Tower is​ probably the​ most popular out of​ all of​ them,​ providing Bungalow suites,​ Celebrity Spa suites,​ Glamour suites,​ you name and they've got it. the​ Grand Tower houses some of​ the​ larger than average rooms of​ 446 square feet and all have black and white marble bathrooms,​ enormous closets,​ remote control televisions,​ clocks and even safes. Every room is​ also equipped with high speed internet access.

The ever famous MGM Grand Casino which is​ located downstairs,​ has some of​ the​ most state of​ the​ art gaming technology. Roulette,​ Blackjack,​ Baccarat,​ and Casino War are just some of​ the​ numerous games that are played throughout the​ casino. the​ MGM Grand Casino is​ said to​ have the​ largest selection of​ slot machines out of​ all the​ casinos in​ town. the​ most prized of​ all the​ gaming in​ the​ Casino is​ the​ Grand Poker Room. it​ is​ unmatched for comfort,​ and fast paced action. it​ is​ also open 24 hours a​ day. Some of​ the​ more popular poker games that are played include 7-Card Stud and Texas Hold 'Em. No Limit Hold 'Em tournaments are played vigorously throughout the​ year at​ the​ casino,​ and they even have licensed massage therapists at​ the​ table to​ help relieve the​ players' stress.

Some of​ the​ finest dining in​ Las Vegas can also be found at​ the​ MGM Grand. Famous Chef Emeril Lagasse is​ the​ executive chef in​ charge of​ preparing the​ meals,​ whether he is​ personally cooking or​ overseeing his staff. Some of​ the​ fine fare includes scallops that are shipped all the​ way from Maine and prepared as​ a​ main dish,​ Pike fish caught and brought from the​ Midwest,​ Chef's famous cooked Alabama chicken. Chef even makes his own fresh blend of​ Creole/Cajun cuisine,​ which is​ said to​ be notably better than anything prepared in​ a​ French Quarter Restaurant. He also serves a​ distinctive wine that won a​ Spectator's Best Award of​ Excellence back in​ 1999.

The MGM Grand is​ the​ one place for anyone's event needs. From intimate settings to​ large productions,​ the​ MGM Grand is​ staffed and ready to​ take care of​ your special events. Their mission is​ to​ deliver to​ their clients the​ excitement unbeatable service that the​ MGM Grand tradition demands. it​ has always been their mission to​ provide the​ best and most luxurious service that anyone could offer which is​ probably why they are rated the​ number one place in​ Las Vegas to​ spend a​ vacation. From lush relaxation in​ their pampered rooms to​ going downstairs and hitting the​ gambling scene,​ to​ shaking it​ all off in​ one of​ their fine dining restaurants,​ enjoying some of​ the​ best food money can buy,​ it​ is​ well worth anyone traveling there at​ least once.

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