Land And Real Estate In Arizona

Land And Real Estate In Arizona

Land and​ Real Estate in​ Arizona
Purchasing land in​ Arizona
Moving to​ Arizona has the​ ultimate choices from purchasing raw land to​ purchasing land in​ a​ more rural area to​ add a​ manufactured home to​ building a​ luxury custom home .​
Finding land is​ easy; Finding land that is​ worth purchasing is​ a​ totally different story .​
I can specifically tell you about Arizona although this might be prevalent in​ other areas also .​
What to​ watch out for​ are Land fissures, Drinking water (how far you have to​ drill to​ install a​ pump), natural washes, and​ natural washes that become re-routed from other building and​ area growth, and​ most importantly flood plains.
if​ you purchase land on a​ hill or​ close to​ a​ mountain expect to​ have above average ground movement and​ more costs for​ the​ foundations .​
Also high speed internet may become an​ issue unless you can get used to​ using a​ high speed cell card .​
If you are dreaming of​ a​ home with land to​ have horses and​ other friendly domestic animals you might check with city ordinances first .​
for​ example if​ you purchase land that was recently annexed by Surprise AZ .​
You might be surprised by the​ no farm animal ordinances .​
Even if​ homeowners nearby already have this type of​ animal living on the​ land they have owned for​ many years this can be a​ huge issue if​ that is​ what you were planning for​ your land .​

Keep in​ mind that Arizona water is​ a​ very big topic here, being in​ a​ desert water conservation is​ very important .​
Wells that are functioning now might have to​ be dug deeper in​ the​ future as​ the​ land around is​ developed .​
Large subdivisions moving in​ around you can lower a​ water table pretty fast and​ cause you to​ have to​ make modifications to​ your well, the​ storage tank and​ also how deep your well is.
Keep Scott Schulte at​ in​ mind when your looking for​ Arizona real state

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