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Kortrijk, also referred to​ as​ Courtrai, is​ a​ historical city situated in​ West Flanders in​ Belgium. Positioned on the Lys River, Kortrijk was first established by the Romans under the name of​ Cortoriacum. Possessing a​ population of​ over 70, 000 individuals, Kortrijk remains a​ thriving city: one that is​ surrounded by many other famous locations, tourist attractions, and popular cities in​ Belgium. The cities nearest to​ Kortrijk include Halluin, Menen, Neuville-en-Ferrain, Roncq and Wevelgem, and travellers staying in​ Kortrijk, will therefore find the attractions in​ such cities easily accessible during their stay in​ Belgium. Other popular cities nearby Kortrijk include Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Liège, Mechelen, Mons, Namur and Ostend.

Famed for its textile manufacturing, Kortrijk started producing both lace and linen as​ early as​ the fourteenth century. Tourists will find that Kortrijk is​ home to​ a​ number of​ spinning and finishing mills, and the Battle of​ the Golden Spurs actually took place very nearby historic Kortrijk, and the city has established a​ memorial for the battle in​ 1906 called the Groeningstraat, just east of​ the Grote Markt.

Places of​ interest:

The Municipal Museum of​ Fine Arts in​ Kortrijk, also known as​ the Stedelijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, is​ home to​ one of​ the finest art galleries in​ Belgium. The museum holds the extraordinary paintings of​ the sixteenth century painter, Roeland Savery, as​ well as​ the extraordinary works of​ other painters; a​ number of​ archaeological artifacts, ceramics, porcelain, pottery and, because the museum is​ housed in​ a​ seventeenth century patrician house, travellers get the opportunity to​ enjoy the astounding beauty of​ Renaissance architecture. The museum is​ open Saturday through Thursday and is​ closed on Fridays and special holidays.

Situated in​ the heart of​ Kortrijk, tourists will find the Grote Markt, a​ popular Kortrijk tourist attraction. Within the Grote Markt, tourists can see the World War I memorial, the ruins of​ the clothes hall, the Grote Markt Belfry, first built in​ 1307. Additionally, the official town hall of​ Kortrijk, the stadhuis was built around 1420, still possesses some of​ its original Gothic architecture and travellers can view the myriad craved statues throughout the building. Finally, if​ tourists possess an​ affinity for architecture, while staying in​ Kortrijk they can view the two large towers that form the Broeltorens: fortification towers established in​ the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

Things to​ do:

Guests in​ Kortrijk can enjoy a​ relaxing stroll along the River Lys or​ they can enjoy the many sites that a​ historic city like Kortrijk has to​ offer. Typically tourists rave about the architecture in​ Kortrijk. Visits can see the Menin Gate, established in​ 1927; a​ memorial for the British soldiers who lost their lives in​ World War I and the Church of​ Our Lady is​ just a​ stroll away from the Broeltowers, a​ short distance from Grand Place. Outside the Church of​ Our Lady, the ruins of​ the original castle that once enclosed the church still remain and the church is​ the oldest building in​ the city of​ Kortrijk. Further, a​ highlight found in​ the Church of​ Our Lady is​ that site seers can view paintings of​ all the former rulers of​ Flanders. Meanwhile, buildings like the Palace of​ Justice offer a​ striking contrast in​ terms of​ architecture, giving the city of​ Kortrijk an​ equally modern appeal.

Food & Drink:

For those tourists looking to​ get a​ cultural taste of​ Belgium’s finest foods, the most popular specialties ordered among dining tourists in​ Belgium are Endives with Béchamel Sauce, Ardennes Sausages and ham, Belgian Waffles, Mussels and chips, and of​ course, the favorite traveling treats are Belgium chocolates. While visiting Belgium, tourist may also want to​ try some of​ the world-famous beer that Belgium offers: over 400 different brews of​ Belgium’s famous beer are available, including fruit bear, Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegaarden, and Duvel, among many.

The Café Rouge-Kortrijk requires no reservations in​ advance, and has everything a​ hungry tourist desires. Further, the Café Rouge-Kortrijk possesses ultra modern architecture, its décor is​ one of​ sophistication and it​ is​ famed for its tea, served with a​ side of​ cake and chocolates. Diners have the option of​ trying fondue, flavored potato chips, soups, salads, waffles served with fresh fruit, and crème brulee, among other fine dining options.

Alternatively, in​ nearby Wevelgem, tourists can dine at​ Biggles, a​ restaurant revered for their fine service and friendly atmosphere, or​ the La Dolce Vita, at​ Stationsstraat 10 near the railway station, an​ Italian restaurant offering pizza and tagliatelli, among other fine dishes. Finally, travellers can enjoy fine wine in​ almost any of​ the cafes in​ Belgium, as​ many of​ the sites have a​ license to​ sell spirits.

Hotels & Accommodation:

Center Hotel
Bed & Breakfast Full House
Kennedy Hotel
Best Western Hotel Belfort

The nightlife in​ Kortrijk offers much to​ the traveler looking for adult fun and entertainment. Further, while staying in​ Kortrijk, guests will have accesses to​ unlimited recreational facilities. Nearby Brussels is​ home to​ ten theaters, cinemas, discos, and entertaining clubs like the Le Fuse, Les Jeux d'Hiver and The Music Village.

Kortrijk offers more than fine accommodations, dining, as​ it​ offers easy accessibility to​ site seeing adventures. For instance, while visiting the Castle’t Hoge, tourists can bask in​ the beauty of​ the International Rose Garden. The Castle’t Hoge demands no entry fee and families can spend the day enjoying the scenic view. Travellers can also relax at​ any number of​ the cafes and pubs located in​ the Grand Place, Kortrijk. Again, many of​ the pubs offer the national drink of​ Belgium, beer, and there are over 400 fine varieties to​ choose from.

All of​ the sites in​ Kortrijk are easily accessible. Travellers can visit tourist attractions via rental cars or​ they can travel by train to​ other major cities in​ Belgium. Meanwhile, some tourists choose to​ cycle along the Lys River and to​ take in​ the fresh air and gorgeous view. Essentially, no matter what form of​ transportation tourists utilize, they will find an​ extraordinary abundance of​ things to​ do, see and enjoy while staying in​ Kortrijk, Belgium.

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