Knowing About The Laws Of Persuasion For Your Insurance Leads Part 2

Knowing About The Laws Of Persuasion For Your Insurance Leads Part 2

Knowing About the​ Laws of​ Persuasion For Your Insurance Leads Part 2
Knowing About the​ Laws of​ Persuasion For Your Insurance Leads Part 2
You read in​ Part 1 of​ this writeup that there are three underlying principles of​ the​ art of​ persuasion a​ you​ only get what you​ give in​ the​ Law of​ Reciprocation,​ b price comparisons in​ the​ Law of​ Contrast,​ and​ c group influence on​ the​ undecided in​ the​ Law of​ Social Proof. ​
There are,​ however,​ other laws governing persuasion. ​

Law of​ Commitment and​ Consistency
This law indicates that people are conditioned to​ be consistent with themselves. ​
In a​ sales setting,​ it’s easier to​ convince someone to​ buy from you​ if ​ that person is​ already drawn to​ you. ​
By making that progress from liking you​ to​ actually buying from you,​ that person is​ telling you​ that he is​ just being consistent with himself. ​

If you​ can’t seem to​ convince your customer to​ buy a​ whole life insurance policy from you,​ try changing your approach so that the​ customer will begin to​ like you. ​
or​ you​ can use the​ yes said technique. ​
This is​ where you​ get people to​ say yes to​ what you​ say about your product for a​ number of​ times. ​
From there,​ you​ can make them say yes to​ buy your product. ​
For example,​ you​ can ask you​ client,​ Do you​ see how this product can be useful to​ many people? the​ first question is​ too broad,​ it’s very easy to​ say yes to​ it. ​
Then you​ can the​ more pointed question,​ Do you​ agree that you​ can benefit from this product?
Law of​ Scarcity
This law highlights the​ very real tendency of​ humans to​ want something rare and​ to​ pay a​ high price for it. ​
Among some of​ the​ rare items that are expensive are diamonds,​ collectors’ items and​ limousines. ​

It is​ not at ​ all surprising why people are not willing to​ a​ lot at ​ all for insurance. ​
The market is​ just too competitive there are too many insurance products that offer more or​ less of​ the​ same thing. ​
as​ an insurance agent,​ it​ will be nearly impossible to​ create a​ sense of​ scarcity for your product. ​
You really are just better off signing up with insurance sites that offer free health insurance leads to​ insurance agents. ​
the​ leads are already prequalified. ​
In some cases,​ the​ leads may already be old clients,​ and​ you​ only have to​ sell a​ new product. ​

Law of​ Authority
This law indicates that people are inclined to​ follow the​ recommendation of​ someone who they perceive to​ be a​ figure of​ authority. ​
One very good example of​ this phenomenon is​ toothpaste now we all know that the​ leading brands are those recommended by dentists’ groups. ​

In selling insurance,​ your authority figure could be an insurance expert who recommends a​ BUY on​ an insurance product. ​
But really,​ insurance agents themselves can become their own authority figures. ​
They only need to​ create an air of​ authority around themselves. ​
Some people are already very good at ​ this,​ while others find it​ an effort. ​
it​ is​ always worth anyone’s time to​ set yourself up as​ an authority figure it​ cuts by half the​ time to​ influence another person. ​

The laws of​ persuasion are not cast in​ stone they’re basically observations by psychologist Robert Cialdini. ​
Whether they are true actually depends on​ your own selling experience. ​
The more important thing to​ do is​ finding out how you​ can apply these laws to​ your own experience.

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