Know Your Muscles The Chest And Upper Back

Becoming familiar with the muscles that make up your body has more benefits than simply allowing you to​ talk shop with your training partners. The more familiar you are with the muscles you're working, the better you'll be able to​ judge what's needed to​ make improvements. in​ this article we'll get to​ know the muscles that make up the chest and upper back.

Although they are two distinct areas, the chest and the upper back will be considered together because achieving a​ muscular balance between them is​ crucial, particularly in​ relation to​ maintaining good posture. Creating an​ imbalance between the two is​ likely to​ result in​ injury.

The main muscles found in​ the chest and uper back are as​ follows:

1. Pectoralis major - these are the large chest muscles found to​ either side of​ the breastbone. Its main job is​ to​ bring the upper arm inwards across the body, a​ movement that is​ known as​ horizontal adduction.

2. Latissimus dorsi - this is​ the largest back muscle that runs from the lower back to​ the upper arm bone. it​ pulls the upper arm towards the body and acts as​ an​ internal rotator of​ the upper arm.

3. Trapezius - this muscle runs from the mid spine to​ the shoulder and then to​ the neck. Its main role is​ to​ faciltiate movement of​ the shoulder blades.

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