Most dog owners wish that they could have more control over their dogs. With dog training collars,​ however,​ you​ can get what you​ want,​ i.e.,​ better control with more comfort,​ and making sure that you​ are leading your dog more effectively. you​ will find that there are basically two types of​ head halters that are available for dogs. One type is​ known as​ the​ gentle leader and the​ other type is​ known as​ the​ Halti.

Though both dog training collars are useful,​ the​ gentle leader has an​ advantage because of​ its better design that ensures better control. the​ design is​ simpler,​ as​ it​ settles behind your dog's ears and then goes around the​ muzzle. Under the​ dogs chin,​ it​ is​ connected with nylon straps. But do not confuse it​ with muzzle. the​ dog can be controlled simply by using of​ general leader to​ control his nose. This is​ sure to​ make your dog follow.

The second type of​ do training collar is​ the​ Halti. it​ has been made following the​ same type of​ principles as​ the​ gentle leader. However the​ design is​ much more complex and this can even cause problems as​ it​ might interfere with its functioning. Infact,​ at​ times,​ these dog training collars have been known to​ cause injuries in​ the​ neck and the​ spine of​ the​ dog.

There is​ another type of​ dog collar available that looks kind of​ intimidating. This is​ known as​ the​ prong collar which is​ quite effective for controlling dogs that are large,​ and have a​ thick neck. However these are not meant for those that yank in​ your arms. the​ collar,​ that tries to​ pinch the​ dog's neck by using light pressure,​ may remind you​ of​ a​ torture device used in​ the​ medieval times. However,​ as​ the​ pressure is​ mild,​ it​ does not really hurt the​ dog,​ and thus it​ does not cause any harm. it​ only helps to​ make sure that your dog moves in​ the​ right direction. These dog training collars must not be used for dogs that tend to​ steadily pull on​ the​ leash,​ since this is​ essentially a​ correction device,​ not a​ constant collar. This type of​ a​ dog training collar should not be used if​ you​ have just become a​ dog owner,​ and extensive studying on​ its use is​ yet to​ be done.

Also,​ it​ is​ always advisable to​ consult your vet before you​ fit it​ to​ your pet.

An old type of​ a​ standby,​ known as​ the​ choke chain,​ is​ also available. as​ it​ comes in​ last it​ is​ definitely not for the​ novice. There have been many studies proving that a​ number of​ neck injuries are caused with this type of​ collar. Therefore it​ is​ not advisable to​ use these dog collars,​ unless you​ are quite an​ experienced trainer.

So,​ when you​ are selecting a​ dog training collar,​ get some information on​ their proper use and use some common sense too. you​ and you​ dog are sure to​ make a​ happy pair!


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