Kitchen Work Table

Our house is​ not your typical suburban family dwelling .​
You see, we are all very crafty people .​
The problem is, we have a​ limited amount of​ space .​
It would be great to​ have a​ whole room for a​ studio, but the reality is​ that we can't afford to​ do that .​
We have built a​ work shed in​ the backyard, but we use that mostly for heavy-duty work .​
For lighter crafts, we needed something that was multipurpose .​
That is​ why we got a​ kitchen work table.
We have been in​ need of​ a​ kitchen table and chairs for a​ long time, you see .​
The kitchen table that we have is​ a​ cast off .​
It was a​ hand me down from my grandma .​
We looked at​ all kinds of​ elegant kitchen tables, but eventually we decided that we should get something heavy duty .​
We needed a​ solid surface to​ do work on, so we thought it​ would be great to​ have the kitchen table serve double duty .​
Having a​ kitchen work table is​ great .​
It means that, between meals, the kitchen can serve as​ a​ workshop .​
Then we can clear off all the mess and eat at​ the table .​
When we are working on serious projects, we can even leave the kitchen work table cluttered and eat on the coffee table in​ the living room .​
It really is​ an​ elegant solution to​ all of​ our problems.
A lot of​ the kitchen work tables that we looked at​ were ugly and functional .​
They had adjustable heights, which made them good for crafts, but they were plain and boring .​
That is​ why we decided to​ get a​ wrought iron table to​ use as​ our kitchen worktable .​
The table was old and heavy .​
It was thick and tarnished .​
In other words, it​ was beautiful .​
Everything that made it​ a​ great kitchen work table also made it​ a​ great antique .​
The only problem with it​ is​ that the iron can stain certain kinds of​ crafts .​
If, however, we keep it​ covered up, the problem is​ solved.
Another great thing about a​ kitchen work table is​ that it​ solves the problem of​ limited counter space .​
We have some counter space in​ our kitchen and it​ is​ enough for most meals, but I​ am a​ pretty serious cook .​
When I'm entertaining guests, I​ need that kitchen work table to​ help me to​ prepare food .​
I​ can be preparing one dish on the counter, another dish on the kitchen work table, and have a​ third thing cooking on the stove!
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