Kitchen Table 19

Kitchen Table 19

In many of​ the new homes today the kitchen is​ designed to​ be the hub of​ the family home .​
People are realizing that it​ is​ the kitchen area that people gather in​ when they are in​ the house together .​
When I​ was growing up we had an​ older farm house with a​ very large kitchen .​
We also had a​ formal dining room area and living room on the main floor, but it​ was the kitchen that most activities took place in .​
We would sit at​ the kitchen table and complete our homework while mom prepared dinner .​
When dad and the farm helpers would come into the house for coffee breaks or​ meals they would gather in​ the kitchen .​
When my husband and I​ decided to​ update the small kitchen in​ our home I​ told the contractor that I​ wanted a​ larger space that would accommodate a​ kitchen table, in​ addition to​ the breakfast counter that we had.
I find that the counter space gets so crowded with my children’s school books, the mail and other items that there is​ no space left for food preparation .​
I​ thought that if​ we had a​ kitchen table the kids could do their homework there and leave me more space for getting dinner ready .​
We have a​ formal dinning room where we eat most of​ our meals, but I​ wanted to​ have the added space of​ an​ additional table in​ the kitchen area .​
The contractor suggested doing a​ built in​ table by the bay window that we were having installed .​
This would give me the added surface area I​ wanted without taking up a​ great deal of​ space .​
He would do a​ curved seat in​ the window area and have a​ small table that would have dropped leaves so that the table could be expanded if​ needed .​
When he made his suggestion I​ did not think this would be the type of​ kitchen table that I​ wanted, but there was no other way to​ expand the space so I​ agreed to​ his plan .​
It has turned out great .​
The small table nook provides a​ quiet area for completing homework and for bill paying .​
It is​ also a​ great place to​ have breakfast because the window overlooks the lake and our side yard so the views are wonderful .​
We find that we would rather crowd around this kitchen table to​ eat our meals than eat in​ the formal dining area .​
The crowded feeling at​ the table seems to​ add to​ the feeling of​ family .​
It is​ also more convenient for clean up because we fill up our plates at​ the counter and bring the plates to​ the table .​
We still have a​ sit down dinner together, but I​ do not have to​ have the added dishes of​ serving bowls .​
Our new kitchen table area has been a​ great addition to​ our home.

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