Kitchen Sinks Why Going With The Cheapest Is Not A Good Idea

Kitchen Sinks Why Going With The Cheapest Is Not A Good Idea

Kitchen sinks, what do we know about them? We use and abuse them and they're probably the most used plumbing fixture in​ your home. We know a​ garbage disposer usually hangs off of​ it​ into the cabinet. Other than that, it​ just sits in​ your kitchen ready to​ perform the duties assigned no matter how dirty of​ disgusting. After years of​ duty however, it​ becomes time to​ just retire the sink and get another one. Problem is​ that there are many materials you can choose from and how do you know what one is​ right for you? The answer of​ course is​ to​ understand what is​ important to​ you and how each of​ the kitchen sink materials stack up against your needs.

It's no secret that we're all short on time and having someone else do anything for you in​ your home is​ expensive. The point is​ that time is​ expensive no matter if​ it's yours or​ you hire someone. With that in​ mind, remember that if​ you need to​ replace your sink every year or​ two because you bought cheap, the expense is​ in​ the labor.

The cheapest sinks today are stainless steel and pressed steel. The lower cost stainless and the pressed steel are also known as​ "apartment" grade. They call them this because apartment owners, looking for the cheapest prices tend to​ use these products. if​ you're on a​ budget and your family are not heavy users of​ the kitchen sink, these may be an​ attractive alternative to​ more expensive materials. Be aware though that the pressed steel sink typically has a​ painted surface that scratches and chips easily. These sinks will tend to​ look old and outdated quickly due to​ the finish used. The stainless also scratches easily but if​ cared for correctly, it​ will continue to​ look acceptable. Cheaper stainless steel sinks tend to​ be made of​ thinner material which means that water being ran into them and the garbage disposal will sound a​ lot louder on these less expensive models. These sinks come in​ rimless and top mounted models.

A definite upgrade to​ these products is​ the cast iron kitchen sink. These sinks are made of​ casted metal them finished with a​ porcelain material giving them a​ deep and beautiful glow. The finish is​ long wearing and with a​ little occasional waxing, can look great for years. They come in​ a​ variety of​ colors and can be ordered in​ undercounter mounting or​ top mounting styles. These kitchen sinks however are heavy and much more difficult to​ install so unless you are extremely handy and have experience with these sinks, you will need an​ expert for installation.

Another sink material that seems to​ be gaining in​ popularity is​ the solid surface type material These are a​ durable material formed into a​ kitchen sink and tend to​ be more of​ a​ matte finish. This type of​ sink material goes especially well with more natural finishes in​ your kitchen. Although not as​ popular as​ cast-iron, these composite kitchen sinks are rapidly gaining a​ strong following.

Your kitchen sink is​ a​ well used piece of​ plumbing that deserves to​ be constructed of​ quality materials. Buying only on price will cause additional expense due to​ having to​ replace the unit much more often. So the best solution is​ to​ buy quality and have your Uncle Charlie install it​ for you.

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